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September 26, 2011

Conrad Black

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Conrad Black
by Dick Hunt, Monday, September 26th, 2011.
I have just finished reading the 556 page , small print book by Conrad Black which has just been published.  It is a most astonishing and gripping read for anyone who wants to know what actually happened during the nearly eight years of his pursuit by lawyers and prosecuters in the United States.  He and his wife and family were hounded by the world press and other media relentlessly and were tried by public opinion without due process and accused and convicted of the most heinous crimes before the 16 crimes of which they were accused had even entered the courtroom in the Circuit Court in Chicago.

I had followed the whole mad story in the print and other media for the whole, long unfolding of the events that were chronicled around much of the western world.  From all my efforts to understand the events , I had never believed that Conrad Black was guilty of any of the charges brought against him.  The records now made public proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is innocent.  Yet he is now back in Jail for an additional seven months, being hounded for his blood by prosecuters who want to see him sent to jail for 99 years.

He was the builder and head of a large Publishing empire, with businesses in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. He worked hard for thirty years to build it all.  It employeed many thousands of people.  The Shareholders of the Companies totalled millions of people.  Yet through false charges, manipulation of the various media and the propensity of people to gossip and believe the worst about anyone who is successful in business, the companies were placed in the hands of greedy men who bankrupted the whole group, lined their own pockets and all that with the full co-operation of the U.S Government and so called Justice System.
That is a very short statement of what occurred.  The whole account is shameful in it’s evil intent and complexity.  The Book is replete with every detail of what took place.  After the first phase which resulted in the 29 month sentence of Conrad Black in the minimum security jail in Florida, he was granted Bail of two Million Dollars which had to be put up by a friend because his own resources had been impounded so completely.  He was then granted an appeal  hearing before the Supreme Court of the United States, which resulted in the quashing of all the charges against him.  They then sent the case back to the District court in Chicago which had tried him on the original 16 charges and the jury still found and the Judge still ruled that Conrad had to serve another seven month sentence in minimum security in Florida.  He is there now, cut off again from the opportunity to rebuild his life with his family and friends.

Many thousands of people lost their employment. Millions of people lost all their life savings because their shares became worthless when the Publishing corporations were trashed by those who were incompetent and greedy for gain. The perpetrators of the whole sordid mess are now shaking in their shoes because in due course, with all the facts to back him up, Conrad Black will surely sue his tormenters to bring matters to a close and that true justice may be served. Seven months from now, the world will begin to see clearly that a monstrous injustice has been inflicted upon a great scholar, business man and friend of the downtrodden  in the jails in which he will have been sequestered for  36 months by next May of 2012.  I have read every word that I have been able to discover which gives any information about this monstrous case, both pro and con.  I am convinced of the sincerity, faith, endurance and innocence of this great man. He is not a quitter.  He has fought his battle with the truth which is now being made known and will become evident to anyone who wants to know the facts.

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