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September 18, 2011

The Harvest Crew

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The Harvest Crew;
by Dick Hunt, September 18th, 2011.

During the Service at St. John the Divine Parish Church this morning, a number of memories were triggered from my past.  The first was during references to the Parable of the workers in the Vineyard as delivered by Jesus and recorded in Matthew 20:1-16. During my days in Agriculture in Alberta, I worked with my elder brother as partner and we were still “bringing in the sheaves”, as the old Hymn has it, in the harvest field. My brother was a genius in the field of mechanics.  He had contrived a method  whereby he was able to pull three grain binders with one tractor and that speeded up the harvest considerably.

The crop was large.  The weather was great for harvesting. We were getting the grain in readiness for threshing and to be stored in granaries. I had hired five men to “stook the bundles”, which meant that they were to stand them in groups of eight in rows  in each field to speed the drying process. Their wages were agreed upon and all was ready to go.  Except the five men.  They went on strike for higher wages, lead by a communist among them who was committed to bringing everyone to the same level. I reminded them that they had agreed to the wages we set with them. They were not to be moved. I  loaded them all in the car and took them to town where they went their ways. Wilf and i and our wives gathered in the crops.

It was a risky move.  If the weather had not held fair, we could have lost the crop to mould, or to myriads of wildfowl which would shortly begin their annual migration to southern climes for the winter. We were greatly favoured and the weather held.  We were able to pick up all the harvested sheaves with our front end harvesting equipment on a tractor and the grain was soon in the granaries, wheat, barley and oats dry and safe.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow. The above is certainly not a parable, nor an example of righteousness on our part. But it is  an example of the rich blessings of God for standing by our agreement and not being bullied by an immoral thug. Four years later I met Jesus in the hayfield and my life changed forever.

As I was visiting with Ruth in Holyrood this afternoon, a close parallel came to me to share with you. When God made His Covenant with Israel through Moses his servant, he required the acceptance of the people of Israel  for adoption of His Covenant and they said they would obey. But they broke the covenant by their disobedience.  It takes two to make a deal. God always keeps his promises.  When we disobey, God is not to be blamed. When God created Adam and Eve, he set them down in the perfect Garden of Eden.  He gave them everything they needed. But they also took the only thing He had forbidden –   the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. And in doing so they loosed upon the earth the evil of sin and disobedience, which has afflicted us ever since. Selfishness is another way to put it. Me first. And that has brought about the most awful suffering, an evil which still afflicts us today in ever increasing waves of violence and destruction. Only a return to God and His requirements will set the matter straight again. We are the ones who have to decide to obey.  “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way”.  In order to trust God, we have to come to know him.  On his own terms.  That is through Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.  Sincerely, Dick.

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