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September 6, 2011

Withholding Blessings

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Withholding Blessings.
by Dick Hunt September 6th, 2011

When Ruth and I and our family were still ranching in Alberta in the early 50’s, we hired a young man from Quebec to work in the spring seeding operations.  He was a bright young fellow and eager to learn. He stayed with us in our home, ate with us and was pleasant to have around.  He had his first meal with us on a Thursday evening and as usual I said grace before we began to eat.  He looked up at me with great surprise and wonder. ‘You Catholic?’, he asked. Knowing what he meant by ‘Catholic’,  I said no, we are Anglican . ‘But you pray!’  I said, ‘oh yes’.  “But my Priest say only Catholics pray”.  I said that many people pray who are not Roman Catholics. He was astonished and full of questions.

On Sunday after breakfast we made ready to go to Church and he asked where we were going.  I told him we were going to Church.  He asked if he could come.  I assured him he could come and could bring his Missal so he could say his own prayers. He did and when we got home, he told me that he and two of his friends had all come to work in our community and that even though the other two were working for ‘Catholic’ families, they were never asked to go to Church.  He asked if he could invite them to go with us to Church and I said yes, of course.  For the next two Sunday all three went to St. Paul’s little Church with us.

During the week following the two Sundays when they all came with us, our man came to me in tears to say that the Roman Catholic Priest from Castor had called on all three of them and had threatened them with Excommunication if they ever again entered the door of a non Catholic’ Church.  Yet he made no effort at all to make it possible for them to get to Church and nor did the employers of the other two young men.

In the late 1880’s, my Father was intrigued to see the local Roman Catholic and Church of England Priests joyfully pitching hay together in his Father’s hayfield without any hangups at all. Yet years later, we saw the shameful disregard for the spiritual welfare of three young men in Alberta which so distressed them and also we who were trying to help them in their spiritual life.  We presume that they all went back to Quebec when they left their jobs.

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