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September 5, 2011

“Don’t Lose The Bullet”

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“Don’t Lose The Bullet”.
by Dick Hunt, September 5th, 2011

When Ruth and I and our family lived in Williams Lake, B,C., I was responsible for Anglican Church service from Horsefly on the east, to nearly Tidewater on the west, from Mcleese Lake north on Highway 97,  to 100 Mile House on the south and then east to Buffalo Creek, Canim Lake and Bosk Mountain. One of my regular communities was St. Luke,  Alexis Creek where we held regular services.  When I went long distances Ruth stayed home with the Children. We had no Cell Phones in those days so Ruth never knew when I would be home.

St. Peter’s Williams Lake was the core area and we celebrated two services every Sunday there. One evening when I was packing up to go the 75 miles back to Williams Lake from Alexis Creek, a knock came at the door and in walked an R.C.M.P. Officer. He asked me if I was going back to Williams Lake and said he would like to send  a passenger with me to the Hospital. He had a young Indian chap in the car and he had a bullet in his leg.  He and a friend had been drinking, had a an argument and this one got shot in the leg.  He said he was sober, friendly and would not be a problem at all.  He would phone the hospital and let them know we would be coming. “Oh, and by the way tell them at the hospital to save the bullet, let nothing happen to it as I need it for evidence”.  So off we went, got to hospital around 11 PM, delivered the patient and I stayed until they had put him bed for the night…in the next bed to the chap who had shot him.  They were the best of friends and laughed at their shared experience. I finally got to the house around midnight. Ruth was such a marvellous support in every way, through all our ministry there.

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