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August 26, 2011

How a Piece of Furniture Can Hide.

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How a Piece of Furniture Can Hide.

by Dick Hunt, August 26th, 2011.

My son Rob is an eager searcher at Garage Sales and flea markets.  He also keeps an attractive blog with lot’s of pictures displayed <islandrustic.blogspot.com>

After returning from a Construction job in Prince George today, he showed me some parts from an old piece of bedroom furniture, i.e. , the support frame and mirror which goes to complete the Chest of drawers upon which they will be mounted.  The color is almond, with gilt spray over the carved detail.  When restored, it will be worth some $700.00.  The cost to Rob, including transportation was $105.00.  In due course you will be able to see it on his blog.

He  will be returning to his home in Campbell River tomorrow and so he put the mirror mounting  in a safe place here in my suite in Maple Ridge, ready to pack it in the car.  But why couldn’t we find it in this 1260 square foot home of mine?  We looked everywhere, several times!  Finally I said , “Rob, it must be in a very obvious place as that would have guided you in putting it ready to load in the car”.

So we had another look and lo and behold, it was hiding in the den, in plain sight, on top of a tall piece of furniture  I was so pleased to be able to say, ”Rob, I found it, in the den”.  It is now in the car, ready to hitch a ride to Campbell River in the Morning. And that pinch of history will now be added to the unknown history of who made the piece, where it had previously lived and who the people were who owned and used it. History is everywhere.  We have some of our own.

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