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August 25, 2011

Pain Killers

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Pain Killers.
by Dick Hunt, August 25th, 2011
In todays Issue of the Vancouver Sun, page A7, there is a headline which says, ‘Persciptions for strong painkillers up dramatically in Canada, study finds’.

Let it be known that there are Natural, plant based Pain Relief Products available which have no known side effects, no addiction problems and are more effective than the Prescription kinds.  Both Chinese and North American Aboriginese people, among others have used natural plant based potions to deal with various illnesses and diseases for many centuries, with no ill effects as far as we can determine.  And modern Science has drawn effectively on the knowledge of the old natural substances to add to their own research into producing very safe and effective products for todays people.

Thirty three years ago, when we were living in Campbell River, my wife Ruth was experiencing significant pain in her right knee resulting from greatly diminished cartilage in her  knee. One day Kay Boas, a friend who was a retired Registered Nurse phoned her and asked how her knee pain was. Ruth said it was painful.  Kay brought over a half bottle of Alfalfa tablets from Shaklee Corporation which she had on hand and left them with Ruth, (about 150 tablets).  Not long after, Ruth had run out of tablets and phoned Kay to ask where she could get more tablets. Kay said she got them from her daughter in San Francisco but that she was not going down there for another six months.  Stalemate in Ruth’s search, until a small ad caught her eye in the local paper, ‘If anyone is interested in Shaklee Products, Phone this number’.  Ruth phoned, a couple from West Vancouver came up and Sponored us!
Thus began, for us, an amazing healthy lifestyle, with very few ripples in our days from pain, disease or lack of energy.  And that manner of life, with optimum health, has carried us along happily, since October of 1978. When we discovered Shaklee Nutrients and other products, I had already suffered total loss of both hearing and balance mechanism in my right ear. That has never been restored.  To mention just two products. Ruth has had a knee joint replacement in her right leg, 24 years ago.  However, her left knee, even as far back as 15 years ago has responded to a product produced by Shaklee Nutritional Scientists called ‘Joint Health Complex’ TM, which has very nearly eliminated the pain in her left knee, with no surgery or side effects. The same product, along with Alfalfa Tablets and other nutrients from Shaklee have enabled me to keep both my Asthma, and also Arthritis at bay in my fingers and wrists and also helps control a  back injury I sustained from a fall due to my continuing balance problem, years ago.

When we were living on Mayne Island after I officially retired in 1985, I developed severe Asthma, resulting from cedar dust in our cedar cottage.  I was on two inhalers, four times a day as prescribed by our family Doctor here in Maple Ridge, just to be able to breathe and live an active life.  I had a phone call from a friend in Nanaimo one day to ask how my Asthma was and I said I was able to cope, with the inhalers. He asked me if I was using Alfalfa tablets and I said yes. He asked me how many and I said ten a day.  Whoa now, we are talking about food, not medicine.   He said, triple your intake and see what  happens.  I did, and in four days I was able to stop using my inhalers and to this day I do not need them.  And the great bonus is that I have been almost completely free of Arthritic pain as well. WOW!
Shaklee employes over 70 Ph.D. Nutritional Scientists, more than all the other Nutritional companies in the world together.  The results are what might well be expected; brilliant results in the field of Health Maintenance.  Shaklee Corporation has always been fully dedicated to providing products which build and maintain Optimum Health.  We are in the forefront of keeping people healthy, not the field of trying to fix people who are sick.  Shaklee products are so advanced that they are only marketed through Independent Distributors. The products are all developed by Shaklee Scientists, not by any outside c0mpanies.  They are all fully guaranteed as to effectiveness, safety and content. They are all exhaustively Clinically tested by volunteers under the direction of third party Scientists before being released for consumers. And they work.

The article in the Sun Paper this morning warns people that there is danger in the Prescriptions that are dispensed for control of pain. One is the danger of becoming addicted. Another is “…that excessive drug controls and fears about opioids are contributing to uncontrolled pain and suffering in Canada”. (Canadian Medical Association Journal editorial). Contrast that with the natural, fully tested and guaranteed Shaklee products from raw materials to the consumers, with no side effects and you have a clear picture of the way to control pain…naturaly.  Soon to be released Shaklee Products, scientifically improved from more deep research will be even more effective in pain relief control than those we have been trusting for the past several years.  Shaklee Corporation is never satisfied that more research will not improve their products.  So the research continues and the results continue to convince both Scientists and Consumers.
One of the difficulties that people face in wanting to use these great products is that the Canadian Health Care system completely ignores the cost of Nutritional products to the consumers  and charges GST and in some provinces HST on all products.  As I understand it, the excuse they use is that if Nutritional use is not controled by the Canadian Health Care system, it must be considered a drug and thus completely be controlled by Prescription only, as administered through Medical personel.  That would remove control of research, marketing, product development etc. from Nutritional companies and all marketing would be “over the counter”.  With Shaklee Corporation marketing only through Independent Distributors by a Social Marketing, (i.e., Multi Level Marketing Company), the impetus to share the products, show how to use them,  and avoid the Advertizing costs (We are the advertizers) would be lost and the cost of the products to consumers would rise accordingly.

We who have learned how trustworthy the Shaklee Company and  how very effective the products are and make every effort to enable many people to care for our own health needs to a very large extent, certainly removes a very large portion of the health care burdens from the Health Care Budget of the Country.  Charging HST on our products, eliminating any consideration for our own health care costs to maintain our own health and still making it mandatory for us to support the Health Care Budget through the monthly premiums we all pay is both counter productive and most  unjust.  Since July 1st, 2010 I have spent much more than $1,500 on HST in tax alone on food supplements and I consider that totally unreasonable control by any standards.

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