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August 11, 2011

What Price Health?

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What Price Health?
by Dick Hunt, August 11th, 2011.
How much a day do you spend on coffee and/or snacks?  How healthy is your purchase?

I want to tell you that for $3.15 per day, including HST, you can have a Shaklee blister pak containing 80… yes 80 top quality, guaranteed, safe and effective, Bioavailable  Vitamins and Minerals, fully tested with non paid volunteer people in exhaustive, scientist controlled clinical tests.

I also want to tell you that in a recent deep study involving several thousand seniors in Berkeley Medical School, in three categories, tests were recorded and analysed to discover what works for maintaining health.  Involved, were three categories of volunteers. The first group were those who for 20 years had used no supplements.

The second group were those who for 20 years had used over the counter supplements. The third group were those who had used Shaklee supplements.  Astoundingly, those who had used no supplements rated significantly  better than those who had used over the counter supplements! That showed that over the counter supplements were worse than useless, they gave a false sense of security and were a great waste of money. Both the first two groups were also using significant amounts of Prescription Drugs.

The Shaklee Group used almost no Prescription Drugs and were much more healthy and vigorous. I am happy to say that Ruth and I and many, many friends with whom we have shared the opportunity to be healthy in this way are in the Shaklee group; we use no Prescriptions at 90/91 years 0f age.
I want you to know what “Bioavailabilty” means.  It means that with Shaklee science, the vitamins and minerals get into the blood stream in the various parts of the digestive system and thence into the blood stream at the points where they do the optimum good for our daily health.

Shaklee has developed the system mentioned above in a patented achievement called S.M.A.R.T.TM (page 15 in the catalogue) which means “Shaklee Micronutrient Advanced Release Technology” (there are twelve patents and two Patents Pending on the four part S.M.A.R.T. delivery system which means that you can’t find it anywhere else. Shaklee has more than 70 Ph.D. nutritional scientists on staff, more than all the other supplement companies in the world together!

You may get the idea that Shaklee users are deeply trusting of the compay, their sterling record of performance, their integrity, their products, their business professionalism, and above all, their total determination to promote optimum health. We are in the health maintenance business, not the fix e’m when they get sick business.

In a TV news clip today it was revealed than a large number of Omega fish oil products on the market contain dangerous amounts of heavy metals and the companies are being blamed for the dangers.  Shaklee Omega Guard is pure and complete and trustworthy and fully safe, as are all their products. All the Shaklee nutritional supplements  (and the other products) have been produced to target specific needs in our bodies, in our homes with no toxicity in any cleaning products, with zero carbon footprint in their whole operation world wide.  When it gets any better, Shaklee will do it.

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