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August 6, 2011

Is That Recreation? or Re- creation? or Wreck- creation?

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Is That Recreation?
or Re- creation?
or Wreck- creation?
by Dick Hunt, August 6nd, 2011.
All the above sound much the same.  But the meanings are very different. There are many actvities that pass for “recreation”.  And in our western, so called “developed” countries there are many millions of people who seek to fill their leisure hours with recreations of various types. Sports, travel, reading, watching TV, listening to many different kinds of music, being entertained (big, that one).  Some are educational,  some promote personal development, some are helpful to other people, some are expensive, some are destructive. Some wear people down to stumps.

Then there are activities which help us to re-create our bodies, minds and spirits. There is of course an overlap in many of these activities between recreation and re-creation.  There are many times in the lives of all people when we need a change of course, a new direction, a new vision and a new look at how other people live. It is good to be able to travel  to distant places if we can afford it and mix with people in their own environment. But if we cannot afford to travel, there are good travel videos and DVD’s to show us  how other people live and how they survive – what they suffer and how they cope. Many charity advertizing displays and TV newscasts show what needs face people in various places around the world.

Then there is Wreck – Creation. We need to be aware that a major segment of creation are the teeming millions of people on this planet. And just as we must be deeply aware of the fragile nature of this planet as our only environment, so we need to learn to care for our bodies and minds and spirits, to promote optimum health through what we eat and drink and read and study and share.
Much of what passes for education, news, comment, advertising, is loaded with falsity, misleading ads, the devil’s lies, come ons, immorality; to mislead even the many people who really want to live honest and happy lives. There are so many blind leaders in most walks of life that many are falling into the ditch.  Not only are political leaders giving in to the demands of the public and legislating away our moral, ethical, spiritual and historical culture and freedoms.  Many spiritual leaders have fallen into the trap too and are more intent on feeding itching ears than preaching and teaching the true and living and liberating Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ. There is Truth – verifiable, trustworthy, tested, in the person of Jesus Christ.  There is a Way which is clearly taught in the Bible and that Way is Jesus Christ too.   There is a Life which is Life indeed –  joyful, fulfilling, redeeming, precious, which makes sharing the Good News a way of happiness leading to Eternal life for all who will trust and obey …for there’s no other way that is tested and effective and from our true and all loving and merciful Father in heaven.

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