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July 15, 2011

Sequel # one to a “Painting in a Gallery”

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Sequel  # one to a “Painting in a Gallery”
by Dick Hunt, July 14th, 2011

Last night I had a  different kind of night. In my dreams I wrote, in vivid detail, a follow up on the Painting Story.  In between dreams I lay awake, filling in the details of what I would write.  Herewith is the account that I am  about to recapture.

I left off yesterday at the verse in Amos 3:3.  Amos was one of the so called “lesser Prophets”.  In his writing  he says, ‘I was neither a prophet, nor  a prophet’s son, but I was a shepherd …but the Lord took me from tending the flock and said to me, go prophesy to my people Israel…’. (Amos 7:14 & 15) I feel a strong affinity to Amos because the Lord our God called me from being a cattle rancher, to share the Good News of Jesus our Saviour and Lord with the people who He would call me to serve.

I have found, both in the Scriptures and in my day to day life that the Lord has given me more than ample instructions from Him to occupy all my time and all my days in sharing the blessings which He showers upon us, in good times and what we often consider bad times. Truly, the Old Testament abounds in prophesies of the coming of Jesus as Saviour and Lord. The way He was conceived and born, the ways of His youth, His earthly ministry, His death on the Cross, His Rising to life, his appearances to believers after his Resurrection are all described in great detail in Isaiah which was written centuries before his appearance on the great wide screen of History.

My dreams led me to mention as priority examples, the  callings of a cross section of the Old Testament leaders  and what I have learned from them. Adam and Eve are among the characters who impressed me in ways that are  a guide to where we are and where we ought to be. Not only are they the first  humans in Biblical records but are the ones who first disobeyed God the Creator by setting aside His explicit instruction to Adam  to not eat of the fruit of the tree which would reveal good and evil to him and subsequently to Eve. Disobedience leads to evil.

It is not an ‘apple’ that is at fault.  It is not something that God has done or not done.  He did not create mankind to be robots, but made us in His own image, with intelligence, ability to communicate and to make decisions. Together they made the decision to disobey God and listen to the devil disguised as a serpent. And they “hid in that perfect garden in the cool of the day”. O.K., we can decide that the story is a fake, that God had no business giving us the ability to choose – whatever our excuses might be.  But that does not address the problem of making wrong decisions based on disobedience.  Adam immediately blamed Eve – “that woman you gave to be with me, she gave me the fruit and I did eat.”And Eve blamed the serpent, “he beguiled (tricked) me and I ate.” So was born the fine art of passing the buck and running away from God.  And that is what is called, “original sin”, which afflicts all people who deliberately disobey what their conscience knows to be the problem. The axe may not immediately fall.  But what St. Augustine said is true for us in every age, “we are creatures whose hearts are restless until we find our rest in Him”. We are all “works in progress”. No-one is perfect and we are all at different states of spiritual development.

It is also true that when we deliberately disobey what we know in our hearts to be the will of God for each of us, we try to hide and make excuses. A prime example seems to be, “how do I know what God wants, nobody told me”. And another, “how can I trust what the Bible says, that old book is out of style”.   And another, “we are too intelligent to believe all that stuff.”  I think I have heard them all and they are leaking like sieves.  If we are intelligent, then we need to do some checking and make intelligent decisions based on careful research. What clinches the matter for many people  is how happy they become when they decide to believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and have their questions answered and their sins forgiven and their objections swept away.  And that is a gift that cost the agonies of the Cross for our Saviour Christ.  That is the extreme measure and example of LOVE.

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