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July 15, 2011

Sequel # two to a Painting in a Gallery

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Sequel # two to a Painting in a Gallery.
by Dick Hunt, July15th, 2011.

And don’t let us forget Moses who was born in Egypt of Hebrew parents.  His mother was forced to place him in a basket of bulrushes coated with pitch and place him among the reeds in the River Nile to save him from destruction. What a rich bit of History! God sent the Daughter of Pharaoh down to the river to bathe and she found the baby and had compassion on him and raised him as her own son.  His sister saw what happened and went to the woman and offered to find a Hebrew woman to nurse him and hey – presto, she found her mother for the job. So amazing who God can recruit! Read all about it in Exodus 2:1 -10.

So Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s household. He did not however forget that he was a Hebrew. One day, at about the age of forty he saw an Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew.  he went to his aid and in the process he killed the Egyptian.  In fear for his life he fled into the wilderness of Haran, fell in with the family of Jethro the Priest of Midian and became his Shepherd. And so we come to the account of the burning bush, Exodus 3.  I well remember a sermon preached by Professor Fred Beatty in Emmanuel College Chapel in which he said, “We all have our place of standing on Holy Ground when God shows us something that needs to be done and we see that no-one else is there to do it.”  I have often received my marching orders from God as a result of that memory and have never been unemployed as a result.

Moses tried to wiggle out of that assignment. See Exodus 3:9-ff. What an assignment and what a great slice of World History of great importance is opened to us in that episode!  It  happened because God was, as always, true to His Promises of direction and Power, working through Moses and the people who worked with him for many years to come. We have the Ten Commandments and the continuation of the Hebrew race, by the Grace of God.
A significant number of people will remember the great movie, the “Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston which gripped their minds for a season.  The Passover is still remembered by the Hebrew People and by the Christians throughout the world each year.  There is a powerful link for Believers in the celebration of the escape from Egypt when Moses, with Aaron his brother and the thousands of people went though the Red Sea on dry land and then spent 40 years in the wilderness before being led finally by Joshua, the son of Nun, Moses’ Assistant across the Jordan River.  Under his leadership and the constant guidance and power of God, the Hebrew people finally came into possesion of the Promised Land.

Significantly, God did not allow Moses himself to enter the promised land, because he had taken to himself the credit for bringing the spring of water out of the rock in answer to the demands of the people for water, instead of praising God for the miracle. See Numbers 20:10-13 for that information. So Moses, acting upon the intructions of God, commissioned his assistant, Joshua to become the leader of the Israelites to lead them in the years ahead.  See Deuteronomy 31 to  understand how History unfolds for the Hebrew people and through them for the influence they have had on the world in the ages past.

Joshuas’ actions were based on the promise of God, that He would never leave him or forsake him in the great task set before him.  Joshua was instructed to be guided by all the words God  had given to Moses and that he should meditate upon them day and night in the very trying days to come. Even so, if we would be equal to the tasks God sets before us, be they little or big, simple or complex, we will only be equal to the service God entrusts to us if we remember He will never leave us or forsake us while we remain faithful in following His Word and His Word made flesh to dwell among us, Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord.

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