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June 25, 2011

Growing Tomatoes etc. With a Shaklee Cleaner

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Growing Tomatoes etc. With a Shaklee Cleaner.
by Dick Hunt, June 27th, 2011.
About fifteen years ago I was with a Shaklee friend visiting with a man from the Mid Western States, over coffee in the Hotel Vancouver who told us what I felt was a cock and bull story about growing tomatoes which grew to eight feet tall and yielded a huge crop of large sweet vine ripened fruit.  He said he just used a teaspoon full of Shaklee Basic H Cleaner in a sprinkling can of water on them once a week. He had split a flat of 24 tomato plants with his neighbour next door who grew his plants exactly the same, in potting soil and steer manure and under black plastic but using just tap water from a hose.

The neighbour had plants that were well supported on three foot garden stakes.  His plants yielded small fruits in limited number, barely supplying the needs of his family.  My story teller claimed that his yield was so huge he could not give it all away and the only difference was that few cents spent on Basic H once a week by watering can.   When I told my wife that story, we agreed that it could not have happened as related, but still, we were intrigued. We were living in Campbell River on Vancouver Island at the time.  So we decided to give it a try.  We bought a flat of eight tomatoes and prepared the planting area as the man had described to me.  We dug eight holes in the back lawn over a ten foot by ten foot  area.  We filled the holes with potting soil and a good dressing of steer manure.  We put a stick in the center of each hole and covered the whole area with black plastic.  We erected a three foot stake to support each plant.  And we planted the tomatoes , giving them a drink of tap water from the garden hose and then a drink of water each from a sprinkling pail with one teaspoon of Basic H. And then we watched to see what would happen.  The plants grew well.  We faithfully gave them some Basic H in water each week and water from the hose.  The stakes soon became too short. I lengthened them again – and again. Eventually to eight feet.
By that time we were amazed.  The blossoms appeared, the fruit set, (the bees loved our plants), the fruit appeared and grew and grew, even as the man from the States had said. Tomatoes ripened on the plants in great profusion and we had difficulty getting rid of them to the neighbours. Just to double check, we had planted cherry tomatoes in the flower borders and they too yielded a huge crop of lovely fruit., using a drink of Basic H water once a week. What better proof did we need?

How to account for such success? We had in fact been aware that Basic H had been marketed by Shaklee Corporation for some years in large containers for Agricultural use, with good results. Being no longer in the field of agriculture, we had not used it in that way.  The secret lies in the composition of Basic H, a secret of Shaklee Corporation, protected by Patent Rights. I do however understand that it  is plant based, fully biodegradable (in a short time, leaving no residue) and that it simply makes the water very much wetter when it is applied.  The same principle is used in all the Shaklee cleaning products, with the same results, there being changes in the formulas only to give the utmost results for the many uses of the products.  All are biodegradable in a short time. All are very economical, kind to the environment and to humans, contain no harmful ingredients whatever. It is common for consumers who switch all their cleaning needs to Shaklee to enjoy a saving of up to 75% on their cleaning costs. Shaklee puts no water in  their containers.  We mix the products with water in the appropriate amounts for the various cleaning needs. The result is large savings, far less container, transportation and shipping costs and the all recyclable containers add nothing to the environmnetal contamination of our fragile world.  Shaklee Corporation is a world recognized zero contaminants company and leaves no carbon footprint on our planet.  It can’t get any better than that.  We have used all the Shaklee poducts for 33 years and that is a long record of full satisfaction and good health.

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  1. Can we order the Shakllee products from your website?

    Comment by Rachel Lloyd — June 27, 2011 @ 6:42 am

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