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June 17, 2011

Eight Old Cars and Old Timers Mix It Up.

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Eight Old Cars and Old Timers Mix It Up.
by Dick Hunt, June 17th, 2011.

How good it was to see most of the residents of HolyRood out in park at the back, visiting, thinking of the old cars they used to ride in and enjoying snacks and visiting. The staff were at their usual best, taking care of everybody, seeing that everyone was looked after, fed and nurtured. They are so good at recognizing the needs of the patients.  Some people call the clues ‘Body Language’ and that makes for a happy environment every time I see it happen, which is every day.

They know the first names of all the residents. I am just now learning the names of a few.  But when we mingle and smile and greet people, there is a quick response from people who were strangers a few minutes ago.  Knowing the first names of people helps a lot. I have been greeting one lady by the way she responds when I say, “hello smiley”.  Today I learned her name is Lois and her smile was wider than ever.
Old cars draw people closer together.  Not many of us could remember what year models were there but the shapes and colours and memories were there in ample supply. Nowadays it is quite usual to see Wedding parties travel around in stretch Limousines. But I have old friends, Dave and Rosemary Proctor  who live in Campbell River who will surely be in Mission this weekend for a Antique Car Rally where a reported 800 of these restored models will be displayed.  Dave Proctor used to be in great demand with his antique cars to transport wedding parties to and from weddings and likely still is. There are many old things that are still precious. There are many elderly people who are very precious. And there are many tested and tried morals, faiths and practices that are so precious to recall and practice.  Let’s not forget the Love that means so much to the world.

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