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June 12, 2011

Children and Pets and Other People in HolyRood

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Children and Pets and Other People in HolyRood.

by Dick Hunt, June 12th, 2011.

Every day is special. Some are more special than others. Today when I went t0 HolyRood to visit my wife, there were many people out in the sun, enjoying a special event and special guests. Some of the guests had feathers. Some had soft fur. Some had long ears and twitchy noses. All were cute. There were rabbits. And a ewe and four lambs, two kids (four legged variety) a calf, little white and bronze turkeys, chicks. And there were children, sometimes called kids. There were people in wheel chairs, some using walkers (I did), some sitting in chairs, walking about. And we were all happy and animated. It was a very people friendly place. And there was a lady with a truck and trailer who had made it all happen by bringing the pens and pets and her friends to make it all happen. Oh yes, and the great staff persons who were so gracious and making sure the residents had a chance to enjoy it all. What a wonderful world we live in. And how very blessed we are to have the freedom and peace and love to bring such joy to our midst. I was able to take Ruth walking in the sun and visit with the happy crowd and soak up some vitamin D. What a great place. They let me stroke a rabbit. People were taking pictures and having snacks and liquids to wet their whistles. And the pets seemed to enjoy being the center of attention. My wife and I were both born and raised in Agriculture, caring for animals, milking cows, gathering eggs, growing vegetables, flowers, planting trees and all that is needed to raise our own food and make our own butter and bake our own bread from wheat we had harvested in our fields. It was a very happy life and we went to bed tired every night. We popped out of bed every morning and looked after the animals and were healthy. We have great memories to share and are pleased today to have yet more memories about animals and people. What a lovely world.

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