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May 28, 2011

The Second Mile

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The Second Mile.
by Dick Hunt,  Saturday, May 28th, 2011.

My many visits to patients in hospitals, private homes and various care homes over the past sixty years has taught me so very much to enrich my life, to hone my abilities to listen and to become more able to count my blessings.  I recall visiting a woman in hospital in Campbell River, who in her hospital bed said with a bright smile,  “well Mr. Hunt, my Doctor has discovered my main problem; I am 93 years old.”  What a difference it makes to have a sense of humor.  This afternoon I walked past a man who was washing his car and he said it would be clean until the next rain. I suggested he would not have long to wait. Together we agreed that in the midst of our little inconveniences, we are of all people the most blessed and that we need to count our blessings and be soooo thankful. When I visited my lovely wife in her care home this afternoon, one of the staff shared with me that Ruth had excelled at the table bowling game.  I had not been aware that she was able to play and I am grateful for the news. Moments later another staff member brought us each a cookie as we sat together in the corridor. So many care people know how to love others in going the second mile.

I have a variety of care people coming to look after my morning and evening needs each day. The huge majority of them are so very aware of ways they can help me to cope in my solo life style.  They anticipate my little difficulties before I give voice to them. And they are so cheerful in doing so.  The dishes in the sink are almost always washed and put away.  And when I thank them, they cheerfully say, “you’re welcome.”  What they do for shut in’s makes it possible for us to stay in our homes and save countless dollars in care costs in full time care in public facilities. I am typical of many physically compromised people of a variety of ages who enjoy the care povided by Health Care workers in our homes.

I am 90 years of age and so is my wife. I am grateful that I am able to visit her each afternoon by taxi or however I can manage and daily we bask in the tenderness of our togetherness. My health was compromised over 40 years ago by a virus infection in my (best) right ear.  I quickly lost all my hearing in that ear and also the balance mechanism.  The hearing is still zero and for over forty years I have often fallen, frequently on pavement. We discovered a marvellous company which produces world class Nutritional products 33 years ago and our general health has been supertlative ever since. In the past three years I have fallen on my back, making it impossible for me to sleep on a flat bed. I have the use of a hospital bed.  I broke my left hip and have a steel plate to look after that.  I fell into a bathtub last July and my right wrist is very crooked and stiff as a result of faulty casting, a great deal of pain and very crooked eventual healing. But I am so glad I can get around with a walker.  I do this without Prescription Medications or serious pain. I can still use my computer and continue to add many pages of stories to my growing store of over 400 in my data bank. I can still share them widely with my Internet correspondents around the globe. My memory is still clicking away and I have a constant list of titles of stories yet to write.

In the midst of all our reasons to be grateful,  I am constantly aware that millions of people are very suspicious of the motives of people in authority, people trying to share the good things of life, goods and services many of which would enrich their lives, if they could only know who to trust. There are so many schemers out there and through the media we quickly hear about the scoundrels in our midst.  It is more difficult to win approval for Good News, especially in the secular climate which claims there is no way of knowing there is any absolute Truth, any moral standards to live by, any religion which is without fault and blemish, all backed up with copious political correctness which seems to tell multitudes of people there are no standards but those you decide for yourselves.

So what is there to be grateful for?  Sex, Material goods, Drugs with which to forget the pain?  Anything there that is more than a very short answer, infinitely repeatable?  Surely there is so much for which to be grateful.  What about our creator, God, Father of all who turn to Him for the blessings He so freely gives to us. What about the Holy Scriptures miraculously preserved to teach our hearts and minds down the many centuries of history. What about the multitudes of believers, known and unknown who have left their marks of obedience and love for the world to see and who still live to Worship the Living God. What about the miracles which are there to show us that God lives to bless us. “What miracles, you might ask! “

Every time one of God’s people turns to Him in obedience and faith and penitence,  we are witnessing a miracle, the miracle of a changed heart!  And let it be known that every human ever born into this world and given the breath of life belongs to God who made us. Everyone!  And wonder of wonders, He made the entire world and everything in it by His Word of command.  And arranged for His Word of Command to be given a human body in which to visit this woeful world of such vital need in the person of Jesus ( the very name means ‘Saviour’.)  Born of the Virgin Mary under the most humble of circumstances.  Believed in and Worshipped by countless people down the years. He ministered publicly for a very short time of about three years, made the claim that He is “The Way, the Truth and the Life, that there is no other way to God the Father except through Him”. The religious authorities brought about His crucifixion due to his  “claim” to be the Son of God. In His agony  on the Cross. He said for all to hear, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”. Even his Disciples left him and fled. Only John the Apostle stood at the foot of the Cross with Jesus’ Mother Mary. The rest stood afar off and watched him, except for Judas Iscariot who had betrayed him and he tried to return his ill gotten gains, 30 pieces of silver.

I was privileged with Ruth to visit the Colliseum in Rome with a tour group at 11 o’clock in the evening. The only light was that from street lamps outside.  It was easy to recall the accounts of Christians being thrown to wild beasts in the arena to please the Emperors friends and courtiers.  Countless millions of Christians have stood firm in their Faith rather than deny our Saviour Christ and still are standing firm in many countries. During the year 2010, in the combined Ministries of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association around the world, every second a new Christian Believer has committeed his/her life to Christ and come into God’s Kingdom.  And that is just one of the instruments of God for Salvation and Eternal life.  How can we know that we can trust God for his mercies? How can we come to believe that Jesus is indeed God’s Word in that human Body and that He is not only Divine, that is the same as God, but that He is truly perfect man at the same time?  It happens countless times every year to people who dare to believe and say yes to Jesus.  The Spirit of God tells us that Jesus  is the One who is able to assure us of our Salvation and bring us to the Father for all Eternity.  He died and rose again that we might live with Him forever.

Christians the world over are chiefly grateful for our/their Salvation and worship and Praise God in Jesus  continually for so great a blessing.  I am very much aware that most of the care workers I have come to know and deeply appreciate have a calling from God for their particular ministry to God’s people. It is quickly apparent that there is a Go the Second Mile volition to their ministrations to people.  Jesus said, (Matthew 5:41) “if someone forces you to go one mile, go two miles”. The care people I know are happy to go the first mile in their duties and often to go the second mile in their love for God  and His people.  Years ago Ruth and I were driving under an overpass and we saw a large banner which said, “Just Suppose Nobody Cared”. A very moving message and very appropriate for appreciating Second Milers.

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