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May 18, 2011

Half a Bottle of Alfalfa

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Half a Bottle of Alfalfa.

by Dick Hunt, May 18th, 2011.

Alfalfa tablet’s that is. Shaklee Alfalfa tablets are made from organically grown Alfalfa plant leaves, meticulously formulated and tested for safety, effectiveness and content before marketing. In early 1978 a half bottle of Alfalfa Tablets (back when the size was about 250 tablets) was given to Ruth by a retired Registered Nurse named Kay Boas, in Campbell River, B.C. Ruth was at that time experiencing pain in her right knee which had been diagnosed as disintegration of the Cartilage. Taking a few each day, Ruth began to notice a distinct improvement in the pain level. When the tablets ran out, she phoned Kay to ask her how to purchase more tablets. Kay responded that she bought them through her daughter in San Francisco and that she wasn’t going there for about six months. Stalemate! However, a few months along Ruth saw a tiny ad in the local paper which invited enquiries from anyone who was interested in Shaklee products. She phoned and Louise Campo, the person who answered said she didn’t have the products but that her friend’s, Joan and Gordon Gibbs in West Vancouver would be happy to come to Campbell River and tell them about Shaklee. And so they came, in October of 1978 and Sponsored Louise, Ruth and me as Shaklee Independent Distributors. Ruth ordered some products on the spot and that was the beginning of our 33 year experience with Shaklee; the products, the Company, better health, a cleaner environment and a good source of additional income. I was deeply immersed as the Minister of a multipoint Anglican Church at the time and so Ruth did the Shaklee business herself and with good results and outreach in helping new members to start their own businesses. Just in passing, it is impossible to establish a competitor, as whole groups work together to advance all the members according to their own efforts. We work as a family and all share in the great results, helping each other. So with Alfalfa as a starter, we have never looked back. In the early days we had to handle all ordering, book-keeping, shipping and delivering for our growing group. And the Product list was quite limited, yet very helpful for better health, cleaner homes and environment and significant income. The early products have still continued to be marketed through Independent Distributors but many new developments and deep scientific research have resulted in a constant stream of new and exciting products which are making waves in health improvement, environmental control and ever more adequate income opportunities. Every new Shaklee Member may now order their own products by 1 800 phone, fax, online, pay for the products by Visa or Mastercard or by Pre Authorized Payment Plan (PAPP) or personal Cheque. The products are normally delivered by truck or air from Ontario in no more than five business days, directly to your door. The Shipping rates are adjusted throughout Canada to balance the cost to areas far flung from Ontario, so that all pay much the same. All products are fully guaranteed on a no nonsense money back guarantee. The guarantee also covers exactly what the lables say is in the bottles and all products are fully tested for safety, purity, and clinically proven by third party scientists. What started out as half a bottle of Alfalfa Tablets has served us so well for 33 years plus that we have no desire to rest or retire. On the contrary, I am passionate about sharing this great opportunity to enrich the lives of all who will respond to our outreach. We are both nearing our ninety first birthday and our 67th wedding Anniversary. I am now the one who has the day to day enjoyment of sharing Shaklee as Ruth has had Alzheimer’s for the past 13 years. I still feed her Nutritional products and use them myself and we are still enjoying life, in spite of our forced separation. We visit for an hour each day in her great Care Home and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.


  1. A true blessing! Really enjoyed reading your blog….thank you!

    Comment by Rachel Lloyd — May 19, 2011 @ 6:23 am

    • Dear ache; Thank you for your comment re my blog entry re Alfalfa. Great oaks from little acorns grow. Sincerely, Dick.

      Comment by 57dickhunt — May 19, 2011 @ 8:39 am

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