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May 12, 2011

A Visit to My Daughter

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Rob and I enjoyed our 24 hours with Gail at their new house. We got there about three o”clock on a Ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, a 35 minute trip north west.  The ferry docks on what is a peninsula attached  farther north to the mainland. Once your there and off the ferry the drive to the house is only about a quarter of a mile. The house is on a steep slope with a road down below it and another above it and houses going up all over the place. Most of the new homes are very large and fancy.The one right close on the north is 9,000 square feet but Gail and D’s is 3,000. When you get in on the centre level there is a floor above and one below. Lots of stairs but D had finished putting the stair hand rails in so I was able to go up and down as long as I was careful.  I actually slept in a lazy boy chair on the top level and slept like a log. Rob slept right near me in the guest bedroom.  We had a half bathroom with toilet right alongside but no sink hooked up yet. The main level has a stone fireplace right inside the door with a view of the (wood) fire from the entry way and also from the sitting room on the other side.  The dining area is straight ahead and the kitchen right to the left of that. There is also a breakfast nook alongside the kitchen which is very handy.  The cupboards are all custom made by a very smart cabinet maker and lovely. The fridge is white, the sinks (2) are stainless steel as is the stove, dish washer, microwave and vent.  There are bins for all the various types of recycling matter and garbage etc. The cupboard tops still to be completed with be granite, (they are now plywood).  There is a pass through to the dining area the top of which is a vintage fir plank two inches thick and 14 inches wide by ten feet long, finished natural.  All the floors on that level are recycled fir tongue and groove finished natural.There are lots of windows. On the upper floor there are two windows opposite and it is possible to look straight through the two windows when standing on the road outside and see the ocean and mountains beyond the house.  The view all around on the two upper levels are great. There is a deck running along two sides outside the middle level.

The bottom level has a drive in double garage, a wood-workshop and lot’s of storage. There are  some reused light fixtures, re-wired, in the house from the 1920’s Ranch house in Alberta in which three of the family were born. And another bathroom on the lowest level and more sleeping space for visitors.. All the doors are recycled from buildings in Vancouver.
Outside on the north is a separate building which is Gail’s Studio Workshop for her quilting, art work and pottery. The roof of that building is the kitchen garden reached by a walkway from the house.It is plank sides planters, with watering soaker hoses and is already filled with new plants.  At the bottom of the studio underground there is a 2,000 gallon storage tank for rain water which will be used to water the garden, flush the toilets and provide a re-circulating water fall through a steeply sloped rock and gravel stream bed, which flows down from above the upper studio wall and down the slope, the water going back into the storage tank..  Gail turned that on for us and it is lovely.  The house roofs at each level  is metal with baked on enamel in copper colour.  The walls are all shingled with cedar shingles which Gail hand dipped in green stain one by one until they were all stained heavily on both sides. There is still lots of landscaping to be done but it will get done as they are able to find the time.  It was a great visit. We came home in a driving rain and bumper to bumper traffic from the ferry.

To see Gail’s home construction from empty lot to finished house please check out her blog (on my sidebar).

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