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April 11, 2011

The Importance of Good Nutrition

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The Importance of Good Nutrition.
By Dick Hunt, April 11th, 2011

I have been studying Nutrition and health matters for over  thirty three years and have lived according to what I learned. I do not have a diploma in Nutrition but I have countless factual, honest, deeply researched and clinically proven product papers and use the  products that have been produced and marketed through Shaklee Independent Distributors, among which I have been proud to be counted.  Shaklee has been producing natural, food based products, targeted for the promotion of health of millions of people, now in seven countries including Japan, China, Taiwan and Burma.  The goal of Roger Barnett, for the past six years owner and active manager of Shaklee International is to share the products and business opportunity in fifty nations in the next ten years.  His goal is not to amass money for himself but to promote optimum health and income opportunity for as many people as possible. Shaklee never markets any product until it has been third party tested for purity, safety and effectiveness for it’s intention. To date, Shaklee Corporation has paid out to Shaklee Distributors more than Five Billion Dollars in bonuses, simply for using and sharing the products.  And they have spent zero on advertising as we who use and believe in the products share our trust and enthusiasm with family,  friends and new friends.

Back to health care. There is a growing awareness that prescriptions of antibiotics has been increased to the point that many viruses have built immunity to them and have become more dangerous that ever.  One thing that antibiotoics does is that they target all the bacteria in the body. Thus, the very essential digestive bacteria are destroyed along with all the rest. Bacteria in our systems are essential for digestion and assimilation of food to feed our cells and organs and body functions.  Without them we cannot function no matter how much food we eat.  There is a effective Shaklee product called Pro-biotics in which a tiny, triple encapsulated “pearl” containing half a billion Digestive bacteria are released into the lower intestine to make it possible for good digestion to take place.  That means that at the times when antibiotics are used, Pro-biotics should certainly be used to replace the good bacteria, promote good digestion when we especially need it and promote good bowel health in the process.

There is now a new awareness regarding the need for more adequate  Vitamin D3 in our diet.  Only now are we learning how vital D3 is for control and elimination of many kinds of cancer, heart problems and better functioning of all the needs of our bodies for optimum health.  There is a world of difference between the D2 Vitamin as prescribed by Medical Doctors and the one produced by Shaklee which is Vitamin D3.  A great amount of scientific information is now available from Shaklee on line or in literature or on CD’s.  The D2 is not effective for the needs of the body for D3.

Another new and very effective product for optimum health is “Cholesterol Reduction Complex” from Shaklee  which is helping to reduce the bad cholesterol and produce good cholesterol to help cope with heart health needs in a big way.  The incidence of heart attacks in North America and beyond is increasing at an alarming rate and this product is a major help in that problem.

Two years ago this coming summer, a new product was introduced by Shaklee, called “Vivix”. It is producing waves wherever it has been used; to promote good heart health, reduction in incidence of many forms of Cancer,  rebuilding of dying cells throughout the body, the stretching of life expectation in a big way, the repair and rejuvenation of our DNA and invigorating of our energy and sense of Wellness. I have been using it ever since it came out, with great effect.
One of the major health problems of the “Western world” is certainly peoples’ overweight and obesity. It is certain that the lives of multitudes of people have been and will be shortened because of it. It affects people of every age and in spite of the many weight loss programs on the market, it shows little sign of being reduced, but rather is still growing.  Shaklee has developed a most effective and convenient weight loss program called the “Cinch Plan”.  The cinch  refers to cinching up your waistline and the rest of your body to healthy fit for the years to come. It works when you follow the plan.  If you cheat, you are cheating yourself.  If you follow the plan you will have cause to be everlastingly grateful for a much more healthy and vigorous life.  You can train your body to enjoy greatly improved metabolism and longer life.

Another relatively new addition to the very effective products from Shaklee is called  “Vitalizer”.   This is a blister pack of six caplets and soft gels which is guaranteed to contain more than eighty different Vitamins and Minerals, fully bio available and all from natural sources of fully and regularly tested raw materials .  Each blister pack is a days supply of all the necessary and essential nutritional needs for a day, in a convenient  and trustworthy pack.  Each package contains a thirty day supply.  In a world where it is certainly impossible to find foods in the market place which contain all the nutritional needs for good health, this product fills the gaps and promotes optimum health in a trustworthy form.  Foods are processed to sell, to taste good and to appear to be fresh from the often distant and unknown sources from which they come.  Try as we might, we cannot be sure of their purity, completeness for health and safety for health.  That is enough reason for me to use Vitalizer every day and to commend it to family and friends without reserve.

I was pleased in great measure to be able to attend a three hour meeting last Saturday (April 9th, 2011), to hear the latest information about health and nutrition from the lips of Dr. Richard Brouse who operates a large Health Clinic in Oregon.  He does not work for Shaklee Corporation but in his practice he uses and recommends only Shaklee products.  The reason is that he trusts Shaklee and their products above great results for his clients are ample guarantee that his decision is very well placed. He informed us of all the latest developments in the Shaklee world and of how they are affecting health care.  He also told us what is happening in the rapidly increasing cost of health care and what is causing that. Obesity is the leading problem and he firmly informed us that Fast Food consumption is the leading cause of obesity and associated health problems.

He told us of the awful dangers of potato chips cooked in greasy fats and laced with a great deal of salt. Even very young children are consuming large amounts because they taste so good. It must be noted that with the appropriate additives, anything can be made to taste good.  Another bad factor is the copious quantities of refined sugar in many foods and drinks. A third is the tendency of so many people to eat foods prepared with  so called “enriched” white flour.  Another is the preponderance of foods containing insufficient fibre  from the right sources for good elimination.  The list goes on and on. We live in a dangerous age unless we understand health needs and how to maintain good health.

When our food consumption does not provide the nutritive content our cells require, we are bound to be hungry.  Our brains contain a function I may call an “appestat” (think thertmostat) the function of which is to shut down our need for nutritionally  complete food when our cells are satisfied. If they are not satisfied, our apestats remain open and we go on eating empty calories – and putting on fat! We can starve with that kind of behaviour.

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