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April 11, 2011

A Parable Hatched In Church

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A Parable Hatched In Church.
by Dick Hunt,  Sunday, April 10th, 2011.
This one happened as a result of an announcement in Church this morning.  Mention was made that there would be a Lamb supper on “Maundy Thursday”, the annual memorial of the Jewish Passover, when the Jews escaped from Egypt across the Red Sea. It coincides with the memorial of the Last Supper when the twelve  Disciples ate the passover meal with Jesus the night before Good Friday, when He was crucified.  A double celebration.

The announcement said that for those who do not like lamb, fish would also be available.  The Parable immediately sprang to life for me to share, as follows.  Years ago, when my sister was farming near our birthplace with her husband, they bought a lamb from their neighbour.  Shortly after, he came with his tractor and machinery to do some tilling for them on their land.  My sister had prepared a lamb stew as the basis of their noon meal.  In the meantime, Carl was telling them that he couldn’t stand lamb, that it tasted awful and was horrible.  He had a plate of stew, licked it up, had two more helpings, licking his lips and praising the meal.  After while he asked what kind of meat was in the meal. When he learned it was the lamb that he had sold to them, he nearly choked with apoplexy.

The parable that jumped into my consciousness was that many people decide, for whatever reason, that they cannot accept Jesus Christ and the Faith which is centered in Him, even though they have never come to know anything about him,  are not aware that many of the people they know are active Christians, that He not only has but is the answer to the ills of the world, the divisions between people and communities and nations. Yes and even Churches, when authorities meddle with the Bible and it’s clear teachings. I have known the before and after of a great many people who have crossed the line from unbelief to belief.
The constant result is that they are filled with joy and relief at having dropped their frustrations and excuses and have actually made the switch from arguing and proclaiming their untested position by trying what is offered freely for their taste.  Carl was simply converted then from being against mutton  (aged sheep flesh, poorly prepared) and had never tried lamb, carefully prepared and succulent with vegetables etc.  I later saw the difference for Carl when he changed from being a “pew warmer” to an active Christian with a deep faith and commitment. The two of us worked two Saturday afternoons raising enough funds to purchase new pews for a new church and enough materials to renew all the walls in what had been a Schoolhouse.  That happened because he came to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

Jesus has been compared as a Lamb led to the slaughter, as he was crucified on the Cross, to purchase for himself and the Kingdom of God the lives of all people in every age.  The cost of our sin and disobedience has been been paid by Him in full. We cannot earn our salvation.  It has already been paid for by the Lamb of God, in His suffering on the Cross for each of us.  If we do not know that, we are perishing in our disobedience and unbelief. It is for us to simply accept what Jesus has done for us and thank him and become His follower and Disciple.  The word Disciple refers to one who has decided to follow Jesus and be disciplined in their life as witnesses to his love and mercy.  The first Disciples were twelve in number.  They now number well above two Billion. In every year since the foundation of the Church, countless thousands of believers have been martyred because they refused to reject Christ when challenged, even though most have suffered terrible deaths.  That is still going on. Is it possible that they have been disillusioned and have decided Christ is wrong? That is quite impossible!  They stand up for Jesus because they know he has given them salvation and freedom from all eventualities and punishments, forever.  Jesus, the Lamb of God.

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