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April 4, 2011

The Bunkhouse, more history

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I took this photo, August on 2008 from Jim’s (Maureen’s husband) plane – he took me for a ride over the ranch where I had been born and grew to adulthood and worked until I was 36. The green roof is the bunkhouse, the red roof is the main ranch house.

Since I wrote the first story, I have gleaned some more and relevant information in a phone conversation with my Sister in Law, Lee Hunt, who still lives on the old Ranch site.
With my brother Bill, four years younger than me, she lived in the Bunk House from Spring to November with  their daughters, Barbara, Susan and Maureen.  After they moved into the Ranch House, in mid November of 1957, Lee gave birth to Wilma on January -, 1958.  To make matters more difficult, they all  had  whooping cough about the time of the move, adults and all.

Bill had his four place Aircraft on site and took all the “whoopers” up to 10,000 feet altitude, without solving the problem as it had often seemed to do. They also had Lee’s brother Jim with them as he was working at the Ranch. And they all slept in the two bedrooms I had added to the Bunk House.  No inside plumbing.  Outdoor biffy in the trees. No running water except a line from the House which froze up when the nights were cold..  No sewage disposal.  Very limited cooking area.

Bill was transitioning to the management of the Ranch at that point, still in the process of selling the Ranch east of Cessford Alberta. Our elder brother Wilf and Alyce and family were in the midst of moving to the farm at Bashaw Alberta, 70 miles north and west of the old ranch.

Eventually, the whooping cough subsided, the weather improved (it was January of 1958). Lee also told me the names of a number of other couples who lived in the Bunk House while working at the Ranch after they moved into the Ranch house. Ben and Pudge Moen and after them a number of other couples whose names Lee can’t recall.  During the time Lee and Bill and the family lived in the shack, she cut and fitted linoleum  and glued it onto the cupboard tops for better health control and made other improvements, “cutting the coat to fit the cloth”.

Today there are three  houses on the property, the greatly improved one Lee lives in, the still serviceable one Ruth and I and our children lived in and another one which had been occupied by various hired couples and then briefly by their son Harold and Dana his wife and their infant daughter Elaine.  So the bunk house is just a piece of the history.

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