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March 19, 2011

Eye on the mark

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Eye on the mark.
by Dick Hunt, March 19th, 2011.
No-one having put his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.  Luke 9:62
When I was a young boy, my Father taught me to guide a plow in preparing the garden for the spring planting.  It was a tough session as there were rocks in the soil which caused the plow to throw me around a bit. But I learned the lesson well and not only for plowing the soil but in preparation for life.  We are sure to find the ground rocky as we go through life.
When I was fourteen, I was entrusted with driving the farm tractor as it pulled a “three bottom plow” in a field half a mile square. In order to”strike a furrow”, we stepped off a strip from the edge of the plowed strip at each end of the field, marked with a post on which was a white cloth, to enable us to “keep our eye on the mark”. I remember being eager to see how straight a furrow I could lay out.  Part way across the field however, I couldn’t resist turning around to see how I was doing.  Not bad, I thought, but now when I looked ahead again I was way off course and for a moment couldn’t see the white flag. When I found it, it had moved to one side and the furrow was no longer straight!
Jesus must have been clearly aware of what he was saying and the implication it contained for humankind the world over.  Very few people in our western world will be plowing as we did when I was  a boy, but the lesson is clear. When we have first fixed our eyes and hearts on Jesus, do not look back to rejoice in how we are doing.  We will surely mess up, time and again.  Keep our eye on the mark Lord Jesus.  You are the mark, Lord Jesus.

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