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March 11, 2011

Sacrifice or Contribution?

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Sacrifice or Contribution?
by Dick Hunt, March 11th, 2011.

There is an old saw about a talk between a pig and a chicken.  The chicken boasted that she made a great contribution to society, laying a fresh egg almost every day. The pig said that he did much more than that; he had to sacrifice his life to provide ham and bacon and all the other delicacies.

For the past two years and three months, I have regularly driven past what used to be a food Market called Extra Foods. It has now been picketed for 27 months by the staff that used to work there, due to a lockout by the parent company.  I have the greatest pride in the picketers, who are the friends who used to provide such great service when I shopped there, since 1989.  I love them like family and I am greatly incensed at the shabby and cruel way they have been treated by the company all these months. They are required to be on the picket line for forty hours  a week to collect their minimal strike pay.  The main issues were two.  They had not had a contract for some time. And they were paid much less than similar stores.  The terms the company offered to settle were even lower than they had been paid before. Obviously the owners were out to break the staff and their Union.

On top of all that, the owners action has deprived the citizens of their favourite town center grocery and produce merchant. Whereas the many Seniors in the area used to be able to shop there within easy walking distance for their necessities, they now have to take a taxi or bus or catch a ride with a friend.  What a nasty thing the Corporate owner has done to so many people!  But the ousted staff is bearing the brunt and sacrificing the most.  I am so proud of them!

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