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March 5, 2011

Short Term …………or Long Term Plans

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Short Term …………or Long Term Plans;
by Dick Hunt, March 5th, 2011.
I have just come home after visiting Ruth in her care home.  There are a number of variations each time I visit depending upon staff duties, patient activities and time of my visit which  is fluid. I had a different pattern today.  I had coffee with Ruth, then started to take her around the corridors for our usual walk for exercise, walked one corridor and then I was asked to have Ruth back  for a shower in five minutes. We went one more corridor and then came back.  The staff members were nowhere to be seen.  We walked another corridor, sat down again for ten minutes and they finally came back.  I said so long to Ruth and away they went with her. I had the staff call me a taxi and went to the door to wait.  And this story popped into my head.
I have said often that I have never been bored.  But that is not quite true. If I am waiting for someone or something that trashes my plan and have nothing to read I can be bored for a few moments.  But those occasions are often short stopped or brought to an end in my days by a new train of thought, as today.  Why not write about it?  This little glitch resulted in this story. What we do with our time is very important for each of us and can also make a large difference in the lives of other people.  If we just sit and grumble our way through the ‘slack’ times, our days disappear and we accomplish nothing.  Time waites for no-one.  We can never relive today except in memories.  And memories can have little effect for others unless we can share the times past in words available to them for guidance.  History is very important in that it helps to show us where we have been and where we have made our wrong turnings. It can also show us where we have made right turnings and believed that we were helpful and useful citizens.  And it can show us where we have begun and then have failed to carry on and finish what we have started.  The latter case is the one that can end in remorse and bitterness as time goes on and can blight the lives of the ones who have quit in  the game of life.
Back to long term plans and short term ones. I have  found that if I try to plan my life without reference to firm and trusted directives, I often make wrong decisions. During my young life, I wanted to be a carpenter.  I had good guidance and tutoring from a number of well taught adults which  served me well as a wood crafter and enabled me to be useful in my family and community down the years.  I enjoyed that activity.  But I also started to read the Bible as History in an attempt to check the veracity of various sources of literature and also the spoken word as in sermons and discussions.  That pursuit turned out to be a lifetime one and has enlivened my moments and days for nearly 60 years.
To this day and beginning with a strong experience with the Lord Jesus in the hayfield at the age of 32, I have lived in anticipation of sharing, by whatever means is possible to me, the worlds greatest news, i.e. the love and mercy and grace of God, made known to me through Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.  That is my long term plan and I do not expect it to vary  in intensity as long as I am alive.
The reader may well ask, how do you know your guidance has been trustworthy  from the Bible and whatever other sources you have followed?  My answer is enough for me and arises from a deeply trusted knowledge that the Spirit of God came into my life,  at my Baptism at the age of six months in St. Lukes Anglican Church in Victoria and has never left me.  His Spirit, even before I realized it, was living in me guiding me, giving me wisdom and strength far beyond my understanding and has never left me.  Before I knew God as my Father He was there with me and for me, molding me, shaping me, preparing me to live my life for Him and His Kingdom, on earth and in heaven.  He fills my short term activities and my long term  agenda.  Does no-one else have that gift?  Oh yes, but like many of God’s gifts, we may fail to yield to His universal invitation to come to Him that we may have life and have it abundantly.

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