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March 1, 2011

Some Ways to be Kind to Elderly People

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Some Ways to be Kind to Elderly People
by Dick Hunt, March first, 2011

Please give us a bit of time.  We move more slowly by need, not by choice.
Please speak clearly and not too fast – we really want to hear what you are saying.
Please remember that we would love to get out of the house to shop or see what’s new or visit a friend.
Please  don’t give up on us.  We are trying to fit in with your plans and we enjoy your human touch and smile.
Please make sure we get the mail where we can read it as soon as it comes. It is lifeline to us with friends and family.
Please try to put things back where we can find them and in reach of our limited stretch.
Please let the phone ring more than three times as we may not get to it in time. We value your phone calls.
Please  remember that we are still humans and willing to learn new ideas, even if we can’t change in a wink.
Please be aware that a lot of the old ways are not redundant and many are most important for fulfillment and health.
Please share your wishes and your doubts and your advice with us. You will likely make us easier to get along with.
Please don’t be too hasty for answers.  We are thinking how best to give answers for real communication.
Please remember that YOU are the best gift you can give us as all the other choices are pale by comparison.
Please remember that we old parents waited on you for years and did our best to guide you in the right ways.
Please know that we still love you & want you to be happy.

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