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February 28, 2011

Banquets and Off Color Jokes

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Banquets and Off Color Jokes
by Dick Hunt, February 28th,  2011
I was born and raised on a cattle Ranch in east central Alberta.  At the age of 21 I enlisted in the R.C.A.F.  and in 1944 in Calgary I met the girl who said yes to my proposal of Marriage.  In 1945 after my discharge, we settled back into Ranching for ten years on the same place where I was born.  We welcomed three children into our lives, took a active part in the Community including the country Church and I was called by God to study for the Ordained Ministry in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. By that time we had added another son to our family. After Ordination I was  assigned to minister in the Church in Stettler AB and district where my parents were married seven years before I was born.

The area was well known to me and I was working in close association with people I had known for years. Ruth and I were often asked to be guests at banquets of various organizations including wedding receptions, where I was called upon to say Grace.  Over time, I was troubled that the the featured speakers, M.C.’s etc. were telling ever more shady jokes and that people around us were looking at Ruth and me to see if we were amused.  Finally I had enough.  I wrote a blistering letter to the Editor of the local paper in which I made clear that I was fed up and that the speakers should be ashamed of themselves for immoral filth in their remarks.

I was approached by many people in succeeding days after people had read my letter, in which no-one had any remarks but grateful ones.  Many said we would never be asked to a Banquet again to which I said if we did, it would be once too often. But in fact, we were asked to more, not less banquets and we never heard a dirty joke again.  People constantly thanked me for expressing their disgust and the word got around.

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