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February 27, 2011

For lack of……………..……… You Name It!

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For lack of……………………………………………You Name It!
by Dick Hunt, February 27th, 2011
In 1952, my younger brother Bill flew in his plane to a Ranch on the flats alongside the Red Deer River east of Calgary  to be  a guest at a wedding.  After the wedding the bridegroom tried to start their car and it wouldn’t fire.   Someone eventually found the reason.  The Distributor Rotor was missing.  The missing one was eventually “found” nearby and in trying to install it in the car, it was broken.   There were eight other vehicles  around the Ranch yard with the same rotors.  Someone finally loaned the Bridegroom his rotor so he could get going, but it was broken in the attempt to install it. In fact all the other seven were broken, disabling 9 cars and pickups.  Such little things, Rotors.  But lack of them disabled 9 vehicles.

My brother was recruited to fly to Brooks Alberta in a rush before the Ford Dealer closed and he came back with a dozen Rotors and strict instructions as to how to install them without breaking them.  The nine vehicles were eventually fixed and people were able to go on their way.  It takes very little lack of an essential to disable most things in life. One of the “things” easily disabled by the lack of ”little things” is the human body and any of it’s parts. When we take care of our bodies with all the trillions of cells, they serve us well.

We are composed of a myriad of nutrients from nature, in healthy bodies, from mother nature, all working in harmony to keep us functioning in health and comfort. But especially in our modern world, there are thousands of reasons why our health is compromised every day.  Many of the problems result from food tampering by companies desiring to foster the bottom line.  Scientists have discerned that thousands of food additives are used which have never been tested for safety. Many of our  soils have been depleted of some essential nutrients  in many areas which of course robs the crops of those missing nutrients.  Produce is harvested before maturity to enable long hall shipping before the goods are too ripe for market.  And now we have “GMO” which, whatever the possible value for amount of harvest, is tampering with nature on a huge scale. The detriment to the health of people and animals has yet to be discovered. And certain huge Corporations are doing everything they can to hide the “side effects” and fool the public as to the dangers.

Years ago when I was ranching with my Brother in Alberta, we had 250 young cattle on growth winter feed on a mild winter. Yet they looked shaggy and spiritless.  We thought we were giving them all the nutrients they needed, but sent off a sample of the hay to the labs in Edmonton for analysis. The answer soon came back.  “Your hay is good in every respect but one.  We advise you to go a Pharmacy and purchase some powdered cobalt.  Dissolve two ounces in five gallons of warm water   and sprinkle it on the hay as you feed the cattle on the snow each morning”.  We looked at each other and agreed that two ounces of that heavy blue mineral, sprinkled on the hay when most of it would go on into the snow, could not possibly help.  But having no other option, we took the advice and within two weeks the cattle were looking great and kicking up their heels.  The only change was the Cobalt!

That is only an example in the life of cattle. But the lesson is most applicable to the way we treat our bodies. I have made full use of Shaklee Nutritional Supplements and all their  other products for 32 years and have enjoyed great health and energy as a result. This company has employed a staff of many Ph.D. Scientists all during their 56 years of business to be able to target the needs of people and the environment for optimum health and care.  At the age of ninety, I have perfect Blood Pressure etc. and abundant energy and positive attitude, far beyond the normal for my age.

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