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February 23, 2011

Getting a Hearing at a Funeral

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Getting  a Hearing at a Funeral
by Dick Hunt, February 23rd, 2011
Years ago at Sayward on Vancouver Island, I was at a private home where the funeral service was to take place and struck up a conversation with a guest.  I inquired about the name of the deceased as it was familiar to me but not to very many people in Canada.  He told me that the man was indeed a son of a European immigrant, Emil Kaemerle, who had worked for my father on the ranch where I was born and raised.
It was evident to me as I prepared to get the attention of the guests that they really were not at ease in the presence of this robed cleric who they glanced at with some suspicion.  When I started the service therefore  I mentioned the  Father of the deceased man had worked at  the Ranch for my Father in the early days of the province of Alberta.
I then told them a little of my story of how I came to be a Minister.  By that time they felt more at ease with me and I proceeded to do what I have always done at funerals.  I shared the love of God.  I told them that we are all sinners in God’s sight and that we are all offered unconditional forgiveness if we turn to Him in faith and receive the gift of eternal life, through Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord and then live for him in Peace.  I said that Jesus, God’s Son loves us all so much that He died in our place on the Cross and paid the cost of our sins for each of us so that we can be received into God’s Kingdom when we repent and believe.
During the reception in the large open area under the house, I enjoyed visiting with many of the large crowd.  They were more relaxed and  interested with what I had said. And I am sure that  most of them had never heard the Gospel before.  As farmers, most of them understood sowing seed and that was what I was doing.  I blessed his ashes for later interment in a place of their choice.  I went home 50 miles for supper with Ruth and the family.

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