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February 14, 2011

Nutrition and Health

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Nutrition and Health
by Dick Hunt, February 14th, 2011
I have a book in my library entitled “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”, by Dr. Paul Brand and by Philip Yancey. Dr.  Brand worked among Lepers in India for thirty years during which he did a great amount of scientific research into the properties and function of blood.  It is a fascinating read.  Our bodies function beautifully he said except when we misuse them and starve them of good nutrition.

In a conversation this morning with a friend I related an experience I had with my brother on a warm winter in the late forties. We had 250 young cattle on winter feed  which were doing very poorly although we were feeding them what we thought was good hay plus oats, minerals,  iodized salt and access to good clean water. We decided to send a sample of the hay to the Labs at the University of Alberta in Edmonton for an analysis. The report soon came back to say, “Your hay lacks only only important ingredient and that is the  trace mineral, Cobalt.  We suggest you get powdered cobalt from a pharmacy,  dissolve two ounces of it in warm water and sprinkle it on the hay as you feed it on the snow  each day”.  We looked at each other  and said, “how could that possibly benefit 250 cattle when most of the cobalt would go through onto the snow”.  Having no other option we decided to take their advice.  To our surprise and delight the cattle were frisky and healthy in less than two weeks. The only change in their treatment was that pinch of cobalt.

Transpose that lesson onto the field of Human nutrition and health and we find the following.

Most produce in now grown in soils which are depleted of many essential nutrients, both Vitamins and Minerals.

Most produce available over the counter is harvested green and immature and shipped long distances in order to be ripened at the markets.

Many foods are treated with many and various additives to enable them to look good on arrival at the markets.

Many food additives have never been tested for safety, health and effectiveness and people  are fooled into  thinking they are safe and helpful.

Many foods are advertised as being “enriched” by the addition of certain minerals and vitamins.  Be aware that it is possible and often true that certain of the additives are made from Coal Tar Derivatives which have been dead for billions of years.  They may be made from the same chemical formulations but they have not a trace of life or biological effectiveness for human health.

I take issue with certain bread companies which glowingly advertise on T.V. the value of white bread for growing children  and call it healthy and enriched.  White flour products are devoid of the real life of the grains which is the “germ” and without which it could not stimulate life  or reproduce itself.  The starch which is what is left of the flour when the bran and the germ are removed is not life giving.  I grew up in agriculture, studied agriculture in all its aspects, lived and made my living in agriculture.  We grew all our own produce, harvested it for immediate use as fresh food in the growing season, harvested it and stored it in controlled conditions for winter use and were healthy and vigorous in doing so. We grew  our own grain, trucked it to the Grist mill, had it ground and  brought every bit of it home again to  bake in our own kitchens.  The bread was delicious and very healthful, containing all the life giving wheat germ.

We fattened (but never over fattened), and butchered our own livestock and poultry,  milked our own cows for our own use, separated our own cream, made our own butter and some forms of cheese.  And we never suffered from any contamination of the foods whatever.  Only the tiniest percentage of Canadians  can enjoy that kind of life today.  Farmers and Ranchers are forbidden to process their own livestock or share the milk they produce as “it might be contaminated”. We are pushed into a corner by the bureaucratic  regulations which beset us.

In the midst of all this change we are threatened by GMO tampering of foods, both for humans and for animals and fighting a battle against giant corporations motivated solely by greed for monetary gain.  That battle is yet to be fought to a standstill and even now is being fought  by nutritionists and food scientists deeply dedicated to maintaining pure foods, organically grown and certified GMO free.

These problems are real,  costly for humanity and the future of mankind.

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