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January 25, 2011

A Story of a Bungled Fracture Treatment

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Dick Hunt January 2011

A Story of a Bungled Fracture Treatment
By Dick Hunt. January 25th, 2011.
On July 29th, 2010, I fell and broke my right wrist and lower arm. I was just six days from my 90th Birthday.

Back in the days when I had never heard the name ‘Shaklee’, I suffered a virus infection in my right ear.  The result was that I lost all my hearing in that ear and also the balance mechanism.  That was 43 years ago and I have lost my balance and had many falls over the years.  I am now  heavily dependent on the use of a walker to avoid falling.

I was in a Motel in Kamloops, B.C. and fell into a bathtub when I went to the bathroom, taking all the weight of my body on my clenched fist.  I spent most of the day in the Hospital and we were on our way home by late afternoon, with my arm in a cast and boasts from the staff that they are experts in treating that kind of fracture.  They didn’t apply any supporting sling for the remainder of our journey back to the coast.

Over the next months, I had many x rays taken, two more casts and the third Doctor stated upon reading the plates that the two fractures had not healed at all.  Several more reports showed the same problem. My wrist was crooked, the pain continued to be painful. I continued to take all my Shaklee Supplements and no drugs for pain.  I greatly increased my intake of Alfalfa with it’s strong, natural, anti-inflamitory factor, Pain Relief Complex, Cal- Mag Plus, Vivix, Joint Health Complex, Vitalizer, Vita E 400, Vita C, B Complex, Soy Protein……the whole lot.  And I had four appointments with a Surgeon whose specialty is hand and wrist surgery, between the 8th of September until January 21st. He ordered a CT Scan in mid December and gave us his reading last Friday. Finally, we are grateful for the results.

The report revealed that both fractures are now healed and that no surgery is necessary.  The wrist is crooked and so is the arm.  But the pain is greatly diminished, the mobility of the wrist is increasing and I am vigorously exercising it. The Surgeon has been very reluctant to do any surgery because of my age and he says that I might be in pain and in a cast for as much as three months.  He believes that the healing process would be very prolonged due to my age. I had extensive heart and blood work done prior to December and all readings revealed I am in the best of health. My G.P. said excitedly that I have the Blood Pressure of a healthy man of 21 years. And that has been the case ever since we have used Shaklee products, now 32 years.

I am certain that the healing has taken place, due to the Grace of God, the prayers of many people and the superlative Nutritional Products from Shaklee Company. My G.P. is fully in accord with my determination to use no Prescriptions.  He used to ask me what the side effects are from Shaklee.  He now knows my constant answer, “Nothing but good health”.

I am still writing many stories on my Computer, with around 400 in my Data Bank.  Many are about the excellence of Shaklee. Many are historical, about my early education in a one room school, life on a Cattle Ranch in the 20’s and 30’s, my continuing education in an Agricultural College, my time in the armed services during the war and now 56 years in the Christian Ministry. My life is enjoyable even though my wife of 66 years is confined to a wonderful Care Home, with advanced Alzheimer’s.  I was able to care for her at home for 11 years until I fell and broke my left hip , an incident that kept me in hospital at age 88 for 18 days. But I visit her every day, she always knows me and we have a wonderful romance as we walk around the care home.  She is cheery and bright and can sing all the old hymns without missing a beat or using a book. With great gratitude, Dick Hunt.

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