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January 19, 2011

Ruth’s and Dick’s Shaklee Story

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Ruth’s  and Dick’s Shaklee  Story.
January 18th, 2011

To understand how we got here in our quest for better health, a cleaner environment and an improvement in our income, we need to say what we didn’t do.   Initially we didn’t go beyond the doors of any suppliers except the grocery and drug stores.  We were on a search for nutritional supplements and better cleaners.  And we read the lables, the advertisements and carefully checked the prices, looking for bargains. But we kept on getting colds and flu, we were aware of being tired and not feeling energetic long before the end of the days.  For quite a while we believed the claims of one retailer which sold a product called “One A Day With Iron”  which indicated that their product is all you need for good health. We ate lot’s of them.   But we still caught colds and flu and dragged ourselves through the days.Talk about naive!

Then in the fall of 1978 a friend from Cortes Island asked Ruth how her knees were.  Ruth said her right knee was very painful.  Kay said she would bring a half bottle of Shaklee Alfalfa Tablets (about 150 tablets) the next time she came to Campbell River where we were living.  Fairly soon, Ruth received the tablets, consumed 10 a day for about 15 days and Kay phoned again to ask for results.  Ruth had, even after such a short time experienced a large measure of relief from the pain and asked where she could get more of the product.  Kay said she picked them up from her daughter in San Francisco and that she was not going down there again for the next six months.

About that time Ruth saw a small ad in the local paper with a local phone number saying  “phone if you are interested in Shaklee Products”.  Ruth phoned and soon made contact with Gordon and Joan Gibbs in West Vancouver, who were Shaklee Independent Distributors.   They came to Campbell River and signed Ruth up as a Shaklee Member and she placed an order for some products.  Ruth asked me to sign the application too, but I was very reluctant to do so as I believed that with my vocation as an Ordained Minister I should not be involved in a business.  Ruth said, “If I win any trips ofother gifts and you don’t sign it, you can’t enjoy them with me”. So I signed it. Ruth fed me nutritional supplements, beginning with Vita Lea Multi Vitamin/Mineral, B Complex, Vitamin E, Soy Protein  etc. and I ate them.  And to my surprise I felt better, had more energy, didn’t catch colds or flu and generally enjoyed a greater sense of wellness.

One late evening I came home from a meeting to find Ruth had put a cardboard sign  on the kichen  taps saying , “DO NOT PUT ANY WATER DOWN THIS SINK, THE TRAP IS LEAKING”.  I looked under the sink and discovered that there was a hole in the bottom of the brass trap, one half inch by two inches.  We had at that time been using Shaklee Basic H, the multi purpose general household cleaner for about six weeks.  I quickly decided what had happened.  The previous tenants had used over the counter cleaners from day one and plugged the trap partly full of sludge.  The basic H had disolved the sludge and allowed the water to exit the drain onto the floor under the sink.  All the cleaning products from Shaklee are fully biodegradable, leaving no residue in nature after a few hours .  They are are also kind to human skin, equipment and the environment.  Many cleaners from the supermarkets are very toxic, carcinogenic and poisonous to the environment. Shaklee cleaners are also much less costly, about one quarter the amount of any other line and much more effective.

The Shaklee product line has grown steadily over the years, resulting from the constant scientific research of the large staff of Shaklee Corporation. No product has every been marketed by Shaklee until it is clinically proven safe and effective by third party scientists.  Production and manufacture is constantly monitored for safety and effectiveness.  We have never been concerned about health safety of any product from Shaklee.  Gordon and Joan Gibbs came to our home in Campbell River just after New Years in 1980 to speak to a gathering of 15 neighbors Ruth had recruited in our home. She asked me to sit in on the meeting in an easy chair in a corner of the family room.  I said, “Ruth, I am sure I have something on my agenda that afternoon – I looked and I didn’t!   So I sat in. And as I listened I was astonished at what I had missed of the great benefits of sharing Shaklee.

I started assisting Ruth, mostly by my interest in what she was doing.  I helped her to bring the orders from the carrier to the house and store them. At that time we did all the ordering, bookeeping, collecting, paid out all the bonuses etc. Since the early years in Shaklee the ordering and shipping can be managed by phone or by computer. Everything has become very easy to use. The web has made such a difference.

I want to enlarge on what persuaded me that I should be involved in Shaklee while still in the active  Ministry.  Enjoying much better health, sharing good health and energy and wellness with as many people as we could persuade to use the products, having good satisfaction that we were doing great sharing in caring for the environment with superlative Shaklee cleaning products and preserving the environment, we discovered that all those benefits were adding greatly to the effectiveness of people who were also building strong Faith filled lives to the Glory of God.  We have had no regrets at all and we trust Shaklee unreservedly as  the Golden Rule Company we have so enjoyed, with benefits to all.

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  1. thankyou for sharing your story!

    Comment by Rick — December 24, 2012 @ 5:38 am

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