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December 10, 2010

We Wish You a Joyful Christmas 2010

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We Wish You a Joyful Christmas 2010

From Ruth and Dick Hunt and Family

Our Fifty-Third Annual since my Ordination.

Dear Family and Friends;

I want to keep in touch with you because you are very dear to us in our “Golden Years”. Our children are in their mid 50’s/60’s. I continue living alone and Ruth lives in a very good care home (Alzheimer’s), one km away from where I live. I make every effort to see her each day, a matter which is now more difficult since the authorities decided that a 90 year old needs to stop driving after 74 years. Family and friends help me with rides and sometimes I call a taxi.  A dear friend takes me to Church and other gatherings and I am able to be active in St. John’s Anglican Church and the wider fellowship. I have occasional opportunities to conduct services and to preach. I write many stories and articles and share them widely on the Internet. People who have an e-mail address will be more likely to receive this letter than those who rely on snail mail.  The reason is below.

I was able to travel to Endiang Alberta, my old home district, in July with Tim and Elaine and Elaine’s Father for the 100th Anniversary of the Village founded by my Maternal Grandfather and my Mother. It was a marvelous opportunity to renew friendships and visit. Unfortunately, on the way home I had a fall in a motel in Kamloops and broke my right wrist. It was badly set in Emergency and I need surgery to somewhat correct it, hopefully by mid January. I can’t write (my right arm) so I favor using the Internet. I hope you might share this letter with Snail Mail friends.

Joy helps and does many things for me. Rob lives with me when he is working in the Movie business as a carpenter and is home in Campbell River between films. Gail and Doug have been building a home at Gibson’s (think Beachcombers TV Series) and that has occupied them in all their spare time for two years.  Tim is on a leave of absence from work as he has developed serious pain in his shoulders and arms and is trying to arrange for a Disability Pension.

I continue to benefit in every way from using and sharing Shaklee products. Tim and Elaine and also Rob are working to develop Shaklee Businesses with what is now a much enhanced opportunity, with many exciting and very effective new nutritional products, economical opportunities and simplicity of operation.

I still maintain that I have the utmost confidence in the historic Christian Faith and in the honesty and integrity of Shaklee.

I am concerned about leaders of many churches who have become so liberal that they simply echo the demands of society and society is very fickle, acceding to the noisiest complainants. The problem is not that most people do not believe anything but that they will believe anything that comes into their mind. I praise God that there are still many faithful Christians in the world, even in North America and it is high time we stood up to be counted worthy of the Name, as many do. This is God’s world and we are all called to be His people, serving Him in obedience and love.  His Word written and His word begotten – Jesus Christ are God’s last Word to the people of this planet.  We ignore Him at our great peril

I rejoice that even with a broken and badly healed right wrist, I am able to type and go on writing stories and articles, which I do every day. I now have well over 400 stories in my Data Bank. Many of my thoughts, memories and family history can be found in my Blog <https://57dickhunt.wordpress.com/&gt; I am so happy that many of you will allow me to send this letter to you via e-mail.

I have care persons who come in morning and evening to help me to cope with the simplest things that most take for granted.  Washing dishes without breaking them, bathing, doing laundry, shopping, housekeeping and numerous other chores are beyond my capability. I phone my 93 year old sister who lives alone in a house in the country just out of Calgary morning and evening and we often share a laugh as we say to each other, “we just do our best with what we have left”.  My great zeal is to share the Gospel of the Living Christ with all who I can reach. And so, for this Christmas and for the coming year, I want you to know that the Lord Almighty loves all of you without reservation.

Love, from Dick and Ruth.


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