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June 14, 2010

A Short Trip

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A Short Trip.
by Dick Hunt.
June 14th, 2010
I recently flew to Calgary with my daughter Gail, to visit my only sister, six weeks before her 93rd birthday. We are the last two of five original siblings. She lives alone in her old Ranch house, with some help from her two married daughters in a rural community twenty miles north west of Calgary. We enjoyed two days of prime time visiting and sharing while Gail, in our rented car visited and shopped and made sure we had enough to eat.

Checking in at the Abbotsford Airport revealed that the security staff is very professional and thorough. Not being a frequent traveller these days I didn’t realize what a menace I was to the security of the plane and passengers. My little, old, high quality pen knife caused a minor glitch and had to remain in hiding in an adjacent office until our return. And an extra day, since the office had closed at 4 PM and our plane touched down four hours later. That necessitated a trip back to the Airport the next afternoon to retrieve it.

Coming through security in Calgary was something else and revealed that I am a citizen of some note, at least to security staff. I was frisked three times, reported that I do have steel plates etc. in my left hip, ordered to remove my shoes for an exhaustive check to see if I had hidden anything to brand me a terrorist suspect and finally released to continue to the departure gate. I had no idea I look sinster and dangerous. With my walker and my cane. Apparently the cane did not seem to interest them. But it is comforting to know they keep us safe. One size fits all.

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