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May 31, 2010

Variations on Barn Stories

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Variations on Barn Stories.
by Dick Hunt, May 31st, 2010

Many years ago on our Cattle Ranch in Alberta, I woke one winter morning to find a quantity of snow had blown in to the house through the back door, which had not been properly latched during the night. And it was cold in the house. I was aware that one of the Ranch hands had ridden off to town the evening before and suspected that he was the culprit.

I swept out the snow, latched the door and called the crew to begin a new day. Before breakfast, the men went to the barn to look after the livestock, harness the horses and milk the cows. While the milking was going on I said in an audible voice, “the back door of the house was left open during the night and there was a pile of snow inside. Someone must have been born in a barn”. The suspect sang out, “I was not born in a barn”. Case closed.

Some years later, The Rev’d. Canon David Somerville was Consecrated a Bishop in the Cow Barn at the Exhibition Grounds in Vancouver. That venue was chosen to accommodate the crowds that were expected to attend. And so they did. It was a friendly, approving and happy crowd and drew a wide variety of people from far and wide. I was at that time the Rector of St. Peter’s Church in Williams Lake and so attended the service.

Following the service there was a reception provided by a catering company and members of the media were there. One bright reporter asked a question of the new Bishop, in these words; “Do you not think it is odd that you have been Consecrated at a service in the Cow Barn?” The Bishop quickly answered, “Oh no, we have a very long association with a Stable you know”. The crowd loved it.

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