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March 8, 2010

A Very Interesting Cat

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A Very Interesting Cat
by Dick Hunt, March 8th, 2010
When we were living in Williams Lake, from 1964 to 1973, Ruth and I and three  friends drove one cold winter evening to Quesnel for a fellowship meeting at St. John’s Church.  Some two hours later, we were on our  way  home, having spent an enjoyable and fulfilling time with the folks there.   We  were visiting  on the way home and wrapped up in what we were talking about.  I was wrapped up in driving through the slushy conditions on the road.
As we went along  one and then another person in the car  kept  saying, “I can hear  a cat meowing’.  Being plagued with poor hearing, I doubted they could hear a cat.  But when I drove into the parking area at home,  I had to concede that they did in fact, hear a cat.  I gingerly opened the hood and sure enough there was a large black tom cat lying on top of the motor.  I immediately thought it would be terrified but it appeared to be happy as a cat.
I reached over and picked it up and it immediately began purring, snuggled up to me and licked my face.  Any port in a storm?  Apparently not, as I was going to discover.  At that time Williams Lake and Quesnel and surrounding areas were being well served by “Cariboo Radio”, with Studios in both towns.  We had fed the cat and it seemed happy just to settle into our basement for the night.
The following morning I dropped into the Radio Studio and told Ted at the microphone about the cat. I said I presumed that the cat had crawled onto our motor while we were in Quesnel.   After repeated reports about the cat on the radio, a woman in Williams Lake phoned me and asked for a description of the cat.   Then she asked the clincher.  What  did the cat do when I picked it  up? I said it licked my  face.   She said, “That is my cat”  and she came and picked it up. It licked her face.  She  told me that it  frequently crawled onto vehicle motors, either for warmth or for some other reason and they didn’t worry too much about it’s habit.  Mystery solved.

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