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March 7, 2010

Shaklee Cleaners – A Top of the Line Washing Machine in Nanaimo

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A Top of the Line Washing Machine in Nanaimo plus Drain Trap Mystery

by  Dick Hunt, March 7th, 2010.

When we were living in Campbell River, I sponsored as a Shaklee member a woman who was then living in Nanaimo.  Her husband was the Repair Mechanic for Woodwards Stores there. He brought into his basement workshop one day a fairly new, top of the line automatic Washing machine, returned to the store under warranty.  It had malfunctioned after only a few months of use.  He was starting to dismantle it at about the time his wife walked into the shop and she suggested he should stop, plug it in, hook up the water hoses and drain hose and fill it with water, then add the approved amount of Shaklee Basic L (L for Laundry) and run a load without clothes in it.  He was sure it wouldn’t  do any good, but to humor his wife, he went along with it.

To his astonishment, it functioned well, went through the cycles and pumped the water out of the tub without a whimper.  “But” , he said, “that was only water.  It won’t work with clothes in it”.  His wife was sure it would so she filled it with the dirtiest clothes she could find, with Basic L laundry cleaner and asked him to run them through.  He did and it worked perfectly.  No repairs – just Shaklee Laundry cleaner. And the tub was sparkling clean.  Users of Shaklee cleaning products are used to having a clean machine without sludge or a build up of metal destroying chemicals left to attack and destroy the pumps and other parts of the machine. When the final pump out takes place it takes all the soil with it and furthermore what goes into the sewage line is fully biodegradable within 72 hours, leaving no trace of cleaning  residue.  Manufacturers of over the counter cleaning products include an additive which produces lot’s of foam to fool the customers into thinking  that is necessary for getting things clean (including people).  Just watch the ads. The use of Shaklee cleaning products is not  only kind to people, (including babies), but to the entire environment, of which a large part is human beings. Good for our budgets too.

Ruth and I started using Shaklee cleaners shortly after we moved to Campbell River.  About six weeks later, I came home late one night from a meeting and found a large, hand crafted sign on cardboard at the kitchen taps. It read, “Do not – NOT – put any water down this sink.  The trap leaks”.  Signed, Ruth. I got down and looked and sure enough, there was a jagged hole in the bottom of the brass trap about  two inches long and one quarter of an inch wide. And the floor of the sink cupboard was very wet. What could have caused all that  damage in the short time we had been in the house?, I reasoned.  And then the penny dropped.

The house was about twenty years old. Previous cleaners had eaten the metal away.   The couple who introduced us to Shaklee had told us that Shaklee cleaners would not only clean people and other objects, but  all the surfaces with which it  came into contact. Tough on dirt and other unwanted stuff,  but doesn’t eat metal.

BasicH has the same Ph factor as human skin. Basic H2 (the name of the household cleaner that is now two times as concentrated even than the original household cleaner) is so gentle it is literally kind to a baby”s skin.   Anything safe in water is safe in Shaklee cleaners, yet the products will get clean everything we need to clean with them while doing no harm to any environment.

The secret?  They are made from food based ingredients and what they do is make the water up to 100 times wetter than tap water. There are many ways to  demonstrate this with every day materials.  And the litmus paper test is  very revealing when comparisons are made with other cleaners.

Is there more?  Yes there is. We mix our own cleaners! We make our cleaners as strong or weak as necessary to do the job. We add  the product to the water. Most general cleaning products come with water added, so the consumer is buying  water and uses the cleaner right out of the original container. The consumer  buys a lot of containers and throws them in the garbage. And there is a cleaner for every little job, so there are a lot  more products under the kitchen sink. We are much more kind to the environment. We mix according to job in hand. One  half ounce for a whole bathtub full of water does a great job and no ring around the tub!

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