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March 3, 2010

The Anti Inflamatory Properties in Alfalfa

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The Anti Inflamatory Properties in Alfalfa

by Dick Hunt, March 3rd, 2010
I have been using Alfalfa  tablets from Shaklee Corporation f0r 30 years.  Twenty two years ago, while living in a Cedar Cottage in the Gulf Islands of B.C., I became afflicted with Asthma.  My family Doctor was and still is Dr. Chapman here in Maple Ridge.  He prescribed inhalers, two kinds, four times a day and I was able to function quite well as long as I used them regularly.

Five years ago this coming April fourth I had a phone call from a friend on Vancouver Island who is a Shaklee Distributor and consumer, as I am and he asked me how my Asthma was.  I told him I was still using my two inhalers four times a day.  He asked me if I used Shaklee Alfalfa tablets and I said yes, ten tablets a day.  He said I should increase my intake to thirty a day.  I thanked him and acted on his advice.

Within four days, my Asthma had cleared up and I able to dispense with the inhalers altogether.   I still do not need them at all, which is a major benefit.  But there was more to come.   At the time I was having pain, swelling and stiffness in my hands and wrists from Arthritis so painful that I was unable to turn on the ignition with my right hand, having to reach around under the steering column with my left hand.  In the same four days, the pain was reduced to near zero and as long as I continue using Alfalfa, I have no debilitating pain and stiffness.  Occasionaly I have run out of the tablets for brief periods and both the Asthma and the Arthritic pain return.  At a recent meeting in Surrey, Dr. Richard Brouse of Portland Oregon, affirmed what I have experienced when he highly recommended to the audience the use of Alfalfa, a pure food, from natural organic sources  to counter all sorts of inflamatory pains.  Most people think of anything in the shape of a tablet  or capsule as a drug and so have to rethink their personal health care to appreciate Nutritiopnal Supplements.
Dr. Brouse, M.A., D.C., D.A.C.B.N.,C.C.N is  the head of a large Clinic in Oregon, a prolific Author and Lecturer, at whose Nutritional meetings I have been an enthusiastic student for more than twenty years. He is in no doubt whatsoever that Shaklee Corporation is the most  reputable, honest and effective producer of Nutritional and health products to be found anywhere. He uses the products regularly in his clinic and with great  effectiveness. One of his Books, called “Build a Better You” is readily available and very helpful in building an understanding of personal health care for anyone seeking a way out of the conundrum of who and what to believe to enjoy vital good health.

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