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February 13, 2010


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by Dick Hunt, February 13th, 2010
I recently had a letter from a good friend in Alberta in which the writer said she had a bad fall and suffers pain as a result. She wonders what she did that God punishes her for it.  I don’t believe God punishes us for anything we have done.  We punish ourselves. True, He gave us freedom of choice – the whole human race – and He will not take away that gift from us. Every dictator  has it.  Every gentle, loving person has it.

I believe that God does everything He can, short of taking away our freedom of choice, to protect us, care for us guide us.  Often, as I have driven my car I muse that only a fraction of a second stands between us and a serious or fatal accident in the rush and bustle of the days.  As simple a matter as going out for the mail without the security of using my walker resulted in my broken hip.  Even as routine a matter as  my stepping down from the Altar without  seeking the steadying hand of  a friend, caused me to fall and seriously injure my back.  I was exercising my gift of choice and God allowed it.

God wants only the best for us all and provides for us in the whole plan for which He created us. He left us an awesome Bible which is  a guide to Life for those who read and ponder it’s contents with anticipations and  hope. He made it possible for anyone, anyone to turn to Jesus Christ in penitence and faith and know the Father intimately.

We know very little of suffering and pain.  Jesus, who was sinless suffered for us and all mankind the pain of  the Cross when He took upon his own shoulders all the sins of all generations and knew the agonizing pain of the crucifixion and even a sense of abandonment by His Father.  He did it willingly because He loves us all with an everlasting love.

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