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February 8, 2010

We may propose. God disposes.

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We may propose.  God disposes.
The Rev’d. Dick Hunt. 1958 Alumnus.
We live in an age when we are beset with many different pressures to conform to the popular and greatly varied opinions of society.  Someone recently stated that it is not true that atheists do not believe in anything.  The trouble is that they will believe in anything. During my time in the R.C.A.F., on an isolated Pacific Coast Island in 1942, I was brought up sharply by an incident on Christmas Eve, at a “C of E “ Communion service.  On a station of 800 men, there were 24 of us at that service,  with rain and wind slashing down.  Twenty two were rowdy with liquor  and that  was troubling to my friend and me.  But when the Chaplain came in, he was far gone with his drinking  and I was shocked. Later I discovered that the “Padre” was an Anglican and never recovered from his addiction.  I didn’t have any compassion for him or understanding of addiction, although later I became active in ministering to alcoholicsfor many years. I  went directly from that service  to the barracks and dug my K.J. Bible out of the bottom of my kit bag.  I read it all night looking for answers.  And by the Grace of God I have never stopped reading it, and the many translations since.
I married Ruth Brandon in 1944, having met her in Calgary when I was posted there in 1943, at a Parish youth event.  In 1945  we moved to the Ranch in east central Alberta where I was born and raised and where we lived and worked for 10 years. And God never let me go.  We had three children while there. We were active in a country Parish where I taught Sunday School, became a Lay Reader, preached the Gospel, became deeply involved in the Community and read my Bible. And continued to live the life of an active Cattle Rancher.
Had I listened to the world around me I would have been swallowed up by society and our lives as a family would have been very different. And had I listened to the preaching of much of the fare of the western Church I would certainly not have been Converted and Challenged and Determined that God was trustworthy and able to continue in me what He had started. But as time went on, the Lord Jesus made Himself  powerfully present to me one day in the hay field and Jesus became God;s Word to me.  I learned that God wanted all of me, though I had no idea how that could be.  I sought out the counselling of Clergy in whom I trusted and was set on the course which brought me, with my family, to Emmanuel College.  Our fourth child was born while  we were there. My time there with great Staff, fine Students,  an Academic year as Student in Charge of St.  Matthew’s  Sutherland and assisting in several city and country Parishes was a great part of my training.  I have learned that God never calls us to any service without supplying all the resources we need.  Praise be to God.

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