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February 8, 2010

Christmas Annual Letter Number 53 since Ordination, 2009

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Christmas Annual Letter Number 53 since Ordination, 2009.
Ruth and Dick Hunt, 106-22515-116th Ave. Maple Ridge, B.C., V2X 9T9. Ph. 603-467-0089 e mail  dhunt57@shaw.ca
Dear Joy and Family;

A lot  of water has gone under the bridge since we laboriously cranked out number  one on the old Gestetner.  This year has been a very different one for us.  Ruth has been subject to growing memory  loss for about twelve years, during which I have been able to look after her at home.  But on January 23rd at  one PM this year I fell on the pavement outside our Townhouse and broke my right hip.  Joy and Gail immediately came to our rescue and had Ruth admitted to a respite care home.  I was  in the operating room under local anesthetic at 6:30 PM and have steel in my hip and no discomfort at all. I was home in 18 days. Ruth is now in a very fine care home just a short distance from where I still live with some home care in my home twice a week and  housekeeping as needed.
Then on August 16th,  just as I was finished conducting the two morning services in our Parish Church here, (the Rector was on Vacation) I lost my balance and fell on my back, touching off a very  painful sciatic injury dating back to a fall at age 12 and I have been slowly recovering from that ever since.  I am having Acupuncture treatments twice a week now with good and I hope lasting results. Ruth and I are both 89 years of age  now and quietly celebrated our 65th Anniversary on October 14th.  Our romance thrives on and we see each other as often as I can work in my visits, especially as I can now safely   drive the car again. I depend heavily on my Walker for my balance.  When we were living in Williams Lake from 1964 to 1973, I fell ill from a Virus infection in my good right ear.  As a result I totally lost  my balance in that ear and also had total loss of hearing in it, leaving me with only 20% hearing  in my left  ear.  My balance get’s more precarious with the passage of time.  In spite of my difficulties, I have been able to function very  actively in Ministry (more recently as a relief for Clergy needing time off) and I still love to share the Gospel whenever I can with all who need (and WE are many).
I must share with you that although Ruth has nearly complete loss of short term memory, she regularly sings all the old hymns word perfect and also the entire service  in the Book of Common Prayer or the B.A.S  without looking at  a book,  (she is no longer able to read) and the people are amazed. What a result of  constant praise and service with the living God!Our family are all well and busy and I see them regularly. I phone my sister every evening and she still lives in her own home on a drastically reduced Ranch near Calgary.  Our  three brothers are deceased.  I spend a good deal of time at the Computer, still writing stories and articles.  I have well over 300 in my Data Bank and one of my many unfinished goals is to Edit many of them for  publishing as soon as I can (while I am still here). I have hopes for some help from Joy and Gail with that, but realize they are very  busy.  In the meantime, I want to say again; Happy Christmas and I am more sure than ever that the only way to joy, happiness, fulfillment and Eternal Life is through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.  Much love to you, in Jesus’ Name.   Ruth and Dick.

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