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February 8, 2010

Bishop Ralph Dean, Bishop of Cariboo Diocese and for five years on a task as Secretary General of the Anglican Church throughout the world.

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Bishop Ralph  Dean, Bishop of Cariboo Diocese and for five years on a task as Secretary  General of the Anglican Church throughout the world.
by Dick Hunt, November 18th, 2009
I first met Ralph Dean when I had an appointment with him in Calgary in 1955.  He was at that time the Dean of  Emmanuel Theological College in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and we were together  to discuss my calling to train for Ordained Ministry.  I was strongly impressed with his faith, honesty and deep dedication to God and  the Church. In a word, we hit it off.  I began my studies that fall, leaving my long years of Cattle Ranching on the Alberta Prairies where I was born.    Before I completed my  studies however, he was Consecrated as Bishop of Cariboo in the central interior of B.C.,  and the college was for a time under acting Principal  Professor Fred Beatty and then under a new Dean, the the Rev.’d Fred Crabb. Bishop Dean was tagged for Secretary General of the world wide Anglican Communion in which task he was deeply involved all over the world.

I was Ordained in Calgary  by  Bishop George Calvert and spent seven years as Rector of St. Georges Stettler Alberta and  a wide community around it.  When he returned to take up his duties as Diocesan Bishop, St.Peters Williams Lake in the Cariboo was just in the process of engaging a new Rector and Bishop Dean asked me to move there with Ruth and our four Children.  We made the move in June, of 1963, taking up our work in July of that year.  It  was a major change for us all, but the Bishop needed to induct  a man who was well experienced with Cattle Ranching and working  largely with rural people. And so began a period of nine years of long hours, much travel over wide areas and heavy responsibility.
The Bishop had many close friends in many  parts of the world, not least in most countries in Africa where he was highly regarded for his sterling leadership and love for the people.  The Churches were rapidly growing there and he was very impressed with them.
Upon his return to the Cariboo, I was very  intrigued one day to find a letter in my mail box, with an African post mark addressed simply to ‘Bishop Ralph Dean, Cariboo Canada’.  My immediate thought was, ‘however did the letter reach my mail box?’  Well, I never learned the answer to that question.  My mind told me however that there were, at  that  time in the Canadian Postal system some persons who really cared about the consignees receiving their mail and went  to great lengths to be assured it would reach them. Not only that but there was a whole chain of people from the writer of that letter, across Africa, across the Ocean, across the continent and to my  mail box which brought me to think that “many people were worthy of their hire”.

I contrast that with what we have today, when for the slightest reason, letters are often returned to the sender lacking only a correct letter or digit of the postal code, a few pennies of the postage stamp requirement or whatever. Whatever happened to ‘going the second mile’ or even ‘going the first  mile in efforts to get the job done’?  Going by the book is sometimes ridiculous and doesn’t get the job done, when with a little ingenuity and effort  people would both give and receive service to bring pleasure to both giver and receiver.

In any private  business which is functioning well to give service and build a reputation for customer satisfaction, staff and management working together bring customers back while being happy in the process.  Much of the problem seems to be that where there is a lack of competition; that is a monopoly, people rest  upon their contracts and care much less about the service they give for the wages they receive.  However, with the progress in electronic communication and the number of people who make use of this technology, the worm is turning.  I long to  communicate by Internet and try to encourage as many people as possible to get on line. Saves time,  stamps,  paper & frustration.

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