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January 30, 2010

Whatever Happened to Commitment?

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Whatever Happened to Commitment?
by Dick Hunt, January 29th, 2010
I have just spent an hour and  half with Ruth  in the care home where she is a resident.  All who cared to be there  spent prime time together in a social time and enjoyed a singer and accompanist. Many family members were there to sing along with their elders or Spouses.  We enjoyed the time together while we sipped and nibbled, clapped our hands and sang along.
I had ample time to observe the company. I have been there many times over the past year.  I have found it possible to socialize with many of the residents. Some are normally comatose. Many are vibrant when the music starts and sing along with the entertainers.  There is something about music that brings people to life, especially the old songs of the 20’s to the 60’s.  Today I saw people become animated who are usually withdrawn and their family members with them. Most of them sang with the rest and the words and certainly the tunes came back to them.  And they clapped their hands in enjoyment.
Both today and down the years as a Pastor I have been greatly moved by the commitment of spouses one to another, lasting as long as they are both alive. And my heart still grieves for the many and increasing numbers of couples who split  and often split again, leaving in  their wake broken family’s and children hurt  and frightened. When couples marry without considering each other but only to seek satisfaction  for themselves as individuals, trouble is already there.  “…for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death us do part…” is the tried, tested, effective and ultimately lasting pattern for a lasting “relationship” in the marriage of a man and a woman who truly love each other.   That I have seen in many people  around me and that I have lived with my wife these many years. Happiness is a byproduct of a self giving relationship between a man and a woman in Marriage. Seeking happiness in isolation as a goal doesn’t work.

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