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January 27, 2010

Sharing and Caring + A Thousand Faces

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Sharing and Caring
by Dick Hunt, January 26th, 2010
I write as one who for the past 12 years has been living  with a victim of developing Alzheimer’s. For eleven of those years I was able to care for her at home.  But all that changed just  a year ago when I broke my hip.  My beloved wife and lovely companion of sixty four (now sixty five years)  had to be placed in a care home where she is looked after very well and I can visit her regularly.  She is very happy there.  There is a very close parallel between living with this difficulty and the loss of a beloved spouse of many happy years.  In  a great marriage, one of the fine  joys is sharing everything and discussing everything.  If things are rough and challenging, that needs to be discussed and shared and worked out to the mutual advantage of both and for the family.  If things are happy, it is so good to rejoice with delight as we share and are grateful.  Couples who are happy and communicative can have a very positive and uplifting  effect on the people around them.

When I have good experiences in my daily life (a constant occurrence) I long to share the joy and fulfillment with  my wife, but due to her condition, there is a blank wall there where there used to be such sharing and glee. Trying to share falls on deaf ears and there is no communication, except for one thing. As far as our  love and commitment is concerned we are on the same solid ground as ever.  During our many years together, we have constantly expressed our love to each other in every way we can. That has not  changed. On my daily visits, her first words to me (reciprocated) are, “I love you”.  We still cherish each other and that is precious. Now I want to say that  there is a very close relationship between the above situation in life and the physical ending of a happy and fulfilling marriage through the death of one spouse. I say this with confidence through my asociation with many people, both familial and societal down the years. The one we used to share with is no longer there. There is a blank.
People who lose their spouses can and often do re-marry chiefly for companionship. Often the new marriage is mutually rewarding. One of the sad things about that is Canadian Pension and Tax laws seem to penalize some such couples and reduce their mutual income if they marry so that they frequently tend to live together without being legally married. For people who have lived in a relationship of faith based marriages in the supportive life of various Churches, that is an imposition forced upon them.  Society has been duped into thinking that the lifelong commitment in marriage of a man and a woman is old fashioned and of little account.  Family life as we have known it is severely harmed and frustrated by the secularity of “popular opinion”.

Various levels of Government  have passed legislation to make it legal for same sex (sic) “marriage”to provide the same benefits under the law as the thousands of years of what people of my generation  and still many younger persons believe is the only true marriage approved by the Creator who gives life and breath and providence to the whole human race.  The historical and biological evidence of  life on the planet is based upon and can only be continued by male and female association, be it people, other animals, birds, fish, plants, insects – the overwhelming evidence is that God did what was wise and good in creation and we disobey Him at our great peril.  In many countries the native populations are shrinking due to the decisions of so many people to have no children or very small families. And the gaps are being filled by Immigrants who have big families and often little regard for the lifestyle, history or rights of our country or of responsibilities expected of all Canadian Citizens. The evidence of the truth of what I say  is readily available to anyone who wants to know the truth.  It troubles me that couples who decide not to have children will create  “dying families” and will not perpetuate the lifelines of those who gave them birth and then nurtured them to adulthood as citizens of this great land which has been  so good to us.

A Thousand Faces
by Dick Hunt, January 26th, 2010
Near Sayward, on Vancouver Island, 50 miles north of Campbell River there is a notable artistic display created by Hettie Fredericksen, with the help of her husband.  It is titled “The Valley of a Thousand Faces”.  Ruth and I have walked it several times. We have never tried to count the faces but I leave that to the integrity of the artist.  Most of the faces are First Nations  people but interspersed are many others too.  They are painted on slabs cut diagonally from local trees, primed and painted in oils. Try as we might, we could not find two the same.  It is an awesome collection. In a mobile trailer on site there are more pictures, featuring great historic persons, such as Winston Churchill,  Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy etc.  They are for sale and I longed to buy the one of Churchill.  Alas, our budget did not permit.

Yesterday  I mulled over this when we went  to the Mall for a snack, a walk and a visit  with our little group of friends there. There were only seven of us but no two faces were even remotely the same. This morning I read in the Vancouver Sun the rogue list of an assortment of male car thieves and other off track people, complete with mug shots, who Olympic Visitors and others are warned to avoid.  Vastly different faces. Have you ever seen identical twins?  I can’t tell them apart.  But their parents and siblings can. Years ago in Vancouver there were two gentle giants who were identical twins. They were well over six feet tall and handsome men.  When they were fully grown, they used to walk down Georgia Street, about half a block separate from each other, dressed identically. People would see the first one and wonder at his size and his affable smile.Then along came the other one and they would stop and stare and shake their heads. But their parents knew which was which. I have been one who stopped and stared and wondered. But God has crafted billions of people who are each unique and each has his/her own face and no two precisely the same. During the World Fair of 1986, Ruth and I were able to spend a number of days enjoying all the displays from the Nations of the World. I was always amazed at the sea of faces, all different and except for very rare cases, none of them belonging to people I knew. Yesterday as I shopped for groceries in busy Save On Foods, within the space of forty feet I met  three couples who are dear to me and we had great visits. Other days I see no-one I know.

For centuries there was just memory to identify people.  Artists stepped into the breach and recorded what they saw in people’s faces.  Basic photography became a useful tool. In the progression of  technology, it was discovered that  fingerprints were a reliable way of identiying people and they could be copied from surfaces which had been touched by crooks and murderers. Now we have the great discovery of DNA, a sure fire proof of identity which can use something as basic as a human hair to nail the perpetrator, or identify the father of a particular child.  And then we have the scanning of the cornea of the human eye in the blink of a  camera.  Who knows what comes next? Well, I believe God knows.  And the bad people of the world are still working hard to beat  the system.

God is a great artist.  We have Hettie Fredericksen on Vancouver Island, who “created” a thousand faces.  We have countless parents on earth who have “Pro-created” teeming billions of people.  And we have the greatest artist of all, God, Almighty and wise, still revealing himself in what He has created  And supremely He has made himself known, through Jesus Christ , His only Son, who I believe is His final Word to our world.  When we come to know Him, we find that we also know the Father.  I choose to obey Him and live for Him.  Our calling is to work with Him, in the order and beauty of Creation.  It is a very fulfilling option and one which has Eternal importance for everyone.

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