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January 2, 2010

A Tiny Boy and a Loving Father

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A tiny Boy and a loving Father
by Dick Hunt, June 22nd, 2008.

Yesterday afternoon I was just approaching our car at the grocery store when a proud young father came by,  holding the hand of his tiny little curly headed boy.  He was a friendly man and the little boy was the picture  book son of his dreams. Moreover, the little fellow was so very friendly and looked up at me with a beautiful smile.  I held out my hand to him and he took my hand in his and gave me a deliberate, precious handshake. I glowed with pleasure all the rest of the afternoon.  He was such a tiny example of childish perfection.  No wonder his father was proud of him.
I thought to myself how wonderfully natural and unspoiled he was and  my mind flitted to the story of the little child Jesus took in his arms  when he was teaching his disciples.  He said , “except you become like a little child you shall not enter into the Kingdom of heaven”.  He was of course referring, not  to size of the  child or his education or  physical  beauty but to the unspoiled and natural attraction of the lad or lass.  And more than that, the characteristics of trust, curiosity, teachability and expectation of little children.
The Disciples, James and John and their mother had just approached Jesus with a request, that he would give them positions of honor, one of his right hand and the other on his left, in his Kingdom.  And he responded by making it quite clear that they would have to change their expectations and their lifestyle and become servants, not masters. That would have to be like little children, not in size of course but in attitude, openness and trust.
In my ministry, I used to welcome little children at the Communion rail with  their parents, smile at them and with a touch of my hand on their heads give them a blessing in appropriate words.  They always looked up at me with a lovely and trusting smile. I was among those who were confirmed as a young teenager and thereafter admitted to Communion, which was a milestone in my life and cherished.  Now it is common to just admit them with no restrictions or instruction as  to the meaning of what is being conferred on them in that great blessing.
With all our modern scientific achievements, there are myriad ways in which little children may lose their way in life and be sucked into the “sins that do so easily beset us”. Disobedience can result simply in doing what so many others around us are doing, to be accepted by the crowd and be thought of as modern and progressive.  It is heart rending to see the immorality of so many young people, many of tender age,  as they  wander in the wilderness of sin, seemingly without parental direction, teaching or example – out of control.  Oh that little children may be able to receive firm moral and spiritual direction from the Parents who bring them into the world, that they may grow in Grace and in the knowledge of Salvation, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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